Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another picture...

I figured it was time to post another picture of myself, particularly because you never know when that bump is going to disappear without warning these days! :) I figured I'd take the opportunity yesterday because I was wearing the same shirt I wore for the first picture I posted way back in February. Check out that post here. Quite a difference, eh? I'm not sure if it's the picture or the angle, or what, but I hadn't really noticed a lot of extra weight gain in my face until seeing the difference between the pics. I'm hoping it's just an optical illusion. Anyway, I'm getting downright massive, and feeling every bit of it. My mobility is really feeling strained these days...from walking comfortably, to just trying to turn over in bed. It's hard to deal with when you're so used to being active and mobile. Maybe I'm just a little extra cranky because I've been stuck with this coughing and congestion problem lately that might be a cold or might be allergies. Energy-wise it didn't seem like a cold, but now I'm starting to wonder. I can't really take anything anyway (or I'm not sure I want to, no matter how safe they say Sudafed is), so I'm hoping it just works itself out.

Thankfully the weather has eased up a bit and we were able to return to our bed from the basement for the first time in a few nights. The heat had been pretty unbearable in the house, and has us seriously considering central air. Nothing like adding major projects to the list less than three weeks before my due date. The break in the weather meant that I could start putting furniture together last night, too. Well, I tried to do a little bit on Monday night, but that was completely impossible in the heat. So last night was better, and with Craig's help moving around the big pieces, we got a portion of the dresser/changing table done. I had to do it in shifts, of course, because it was still a little warm in the house, but slowly but surely it took shape.

I know you're probably wondering what a pregnant woman is doing putting this stuff together at all, but there's a couple issues to consider here: 1) I'm more mechanically inclined than Craig, and I probably also have more patience with stuff like that. Sure, we could pay a lot more and get preassembled furniture, but I'm my parents' daughter and have learned to save money however possible. So, if it's going to get done right, cheap and in a timely manner, furniture assembly is my job. Many years of IKEA shopping have helped! 2) Craig was helping to move the big pieces and hold things in place while I did what I had to do to connect them...so really, all I was doing was working the electric screwdriver...not exactly a strenuous job, so it's really not as bad as it sounds, I promise. I will say that the above mentioned mobility problem made it a little tougher to move around and get a good angle on things, though...bummer.

Anyway, I have a few pieces to finish up tonight, and then hopefully we can get going on the crib. Beyond that I'll finally get into some actual organization and decorating, and I will feel a heck of a lot more prepared in the event I go into labor early. Oh, and tonight is also the check for our first attempt at installing a car seat. We put the infant seat into my car last night, and tonight we have an appointment to get it looked at by the Greece Volunteer Ambulance folks. Craig's probably going to be getting a new car in the next couple weeks, so we're holding off on his car for now. There's another check nearby in two more weeks, so hopefully we can do it then. Installing it wasn't particularly fun, but I didn't think it was as awful as so many TV shows made me think it would be. It's a little freaky looking in my backseat and seeing that thing sitting there, but I guess I should get used to it, eh? Now if we could just master putting the carrier into the car seat base without totally jostling the baby, that would be even better...ugh.

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