Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So, finally, as promised, pictures! Please excuse the lack of makeup and the generally exhausted look on my face...I was really tired when we took these, after 3 hours of travel to and from Buffalo and a long night celebrating Mardi Gras at Craig's mom's fundraiser. Great time, but 12:30 is WAY past my bedtime these days. But I wanted to get a picture of day 1 in maternity clothes, just so I could post it here for posterity.

So what's with the two pictures? Well...the "Before" picture is probably closer to the truth most of the time. You can't see much hidden under that shirt, though, so I decided to enhance the view a bit. Amazing how much the stomach muscles allow me to push out these days! I don't look like the "After" normally, though...but closer to it when I've just eaten a lot or really have to pee, or just don't feel like putting forth an effort to keep anything sucked in. Tough habit to break, by the way.

But if nothing else it's a little peek into the future for all of you, in case I don't get around to posting more photos in the near future. Enjoy... :)

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