Monday, June 23, 2008

Cool Things about the Little Man

The past couple days I've spent a ridiculous amount of time staring at Jacob. It's partly because I can't take my eyes off him, and partly because of proximity...I spend practically a third of the day nursing him, after all. He just amazes me over and over again. Some things that make him extra cool:

1) He's got a dimple - He inherited a single dimple on his right cheek from Craig. You can't always see it, but when he makes certain faces it shows up and is the cutest thing ever.

2) He's got pretty hair - Yet another thing I think he got from Craig is some cool natural highlights to his hair. Craig's hair has a nice golden shine to it in certain light, and Jacob's hair has the same thing. And it's perfect baby hair...not too much, not too little.

3) He squeaks - Even his cries are pretty cute right now, most of the time, because he does this squeaking thing. It's pretty endearing.

4) His little fingers and toes - Like any baby he's got adorable little fingers and toes, with tiny little nails. They're still a little ragged because I never remember to bring an emery board to fix them, but it's an amazing thing to see how they look in their most primitive state. You read during pregnancy about things like that, that the baby has developed fingernails at week whatever...and their current ragged state is how they were made. And he's really started to use his hands a lot, even if he doesn't know what he's doing with them yet.

5) His Superman pose - Sometimes when we burp him, he sticks his arms straight out into this Superman is so cute.

6) He's a trooper - Labor was no fun for me either, but the poor kid didn't ask to be born into this world...he just had to deal with it and be born. Along the way his head got squished through a pelvis with the assistance of a vacuum. Yikes. As a reward, he ended up with this huge bruise on his head. It looked pretty ugly for a couple days and is finally going away now, but it hurt just looking at it. However, once in a while I'd catch myself kissing his head pretty close to it, and he didn't even flinch.

Those are just a few of the cool things. He seems to be doing well...he responded well to the bilirubin lights, enough that he wasn't even on for 24 hours. I don't think the jaundice is completely gone, but they seem pleased with his progress. His low oxygen episodes were becoming fewer and fewer, so they've taken off one of his monitors. It makes me nervous, but he was always recovering from them on his own, pretty much, so it appears he's making progress and is mostly here for the antibiotics now, just to be certain he'll come home healthy.

We had a nice morning with him today after spending the night in the overnight room adjacent to the nursery. If only we could do that every night. We got to hang out with him alone for the first time. It simultaneously made me feel more comfortable and more nervous at the thought of bringing him home. We had fun, though, because it gave us more of a chance to get to know him. I finally got to leave the hospital for the first time today, and we skipped the afternoon feeding (courtesy of my new best friend the breast pump--not really...those things are helpful but borderline torture devices) so we could go home and get some things settled. We came back this evening and have had a less than helpful nurse running the nursery, but we've got one more feeding around midnight before heading home for the night. I'll be back first thing tomorrow, because pumped milk only goes so far right now.

For tonight I'll leave you with a little treat...the chance to hear his little squeaks!

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