Friday, June 20, 2008

It's a Boy!

After many months of speculation, now we know...that basketball I'd been carting around was, in fact, a boy! Jacob Julian Rybczynski made his appearance at 2:40 this morning! He's nearly 6 lbs., 13 oz. and 21 inches long. He's beautiful, of course. He cried for a couple hours after his arrival but it turns out his lungs weren't as strong as that would have indicated. He had some trouble keeping his oxygen up this morning so he's getting some extra care in the special care nursery for a couple days, to pinpoint the problem and make sure it gets fixed. He's doing well, but it's odd not having him around in our room right now. There's a chance we won't go home with him either, but we're trying not to worry about that right now. He's getting the care he needs, and that's what's important! In the meantime he's sporting a little oxygen-rich space helmet and chilling out with some new little friends in the nursery. He'll be ok, but we just have to be patient and keep praying in the meantime.

The whole labor experience was pretty surreal. When I blogged yesterday, that was near the end of my comfort zone. After that the pain started getting worse and was pretty brutal until I got the epidural around 8ish, I think. That epidual has to be one of the greatest inventions ever. Amazing how you can go from lots of pain to nothing with just a little needle stick. That comfort lasted a while, until the pressure from further dilation started to get a little unbearable...but by then I was fully dilated and got to start pushing. It actually wasn't bad for the first hour or so, but the lower he got, the worse the pressure was. His big ol' head and my little ol' pelvis didn't get along so well, so things slowed down considerably and I ended up getting a full three hour workout. A vacuum helped things along in the end, and after a lot of pressure and a long night, there he was! It's all pretty crazy, but we're excited and hopeful that we can hang out with him more soon.

I'm hanging in there, but definitely need to get some sleep. It was a crazy night and today's been a little all over the place. I've got some aches and pains so getting around is tough, but what do you expect for pushing out a baby after the hardest workout imaginable? I still can't figure out how women gave birth before drugs. The pressure was bad enough...I can't imagine adding pain to that! Kudos to those women.
Well, time to get some rest. I'll post again when I can...


Aunt Sue said...

Congratulations to the whole family. He is so handsome! We will keep all of you in our prayers that all goes well for Jacob. Give him a hug and a kiss from Aunt Sue. Rest and take care of yourself!

Love, Aunt Sue

Anonymous said...

Amy...he is BEAUTIFUL! many times have I said that now? ;-)

Sending good vibes to you and Jacob. He'll have you running around in no time! :-D

Have fun being a new mom and I can't wait to see little Jacob again!


Erin said...

Craig and Amy! Congratulations to the new Mom and Dad! Jacob is absolutely breath-taking!!!
Best wishes in the coming days and weeks. We certainly can't wait to see you guys and meet your beautiful bundle of joy!!! You're all in our thoughts and prayers.

All our love!
Mike and Erin :o)