Thursday, June 26, 2008

Almost Normal...

Sorry I left that negative post up for a couple days...I didn't mean to, but it's been a busy couple days since. More time at the hospital, but more breaks, too. I feel much better. I finally just had to accept that he might have to get some formula here and there, that there was nothing I could do about him being here for a week and it making nursing more difficult. I'm still adjusting to my new body a bit, but I'm not nearly as uncomfortable as I was for a while, so that helps as well. It was a rough day or two, but I am feeling much more positive now.

Having my parents in town the past few days was great. They were really helpful, for moral support, transportation, taking care of things around the house, and just being doting grandparents! Things are progressing nicely with Jacob. He's mostly been here for his antibiotics the past few days. He was off one of his monitors earlier in the week, then got rid of a few more hookups. Now the only thing making him the "bionic baby" is the IV port in his hand. I don't miss working around his wires when changing his diapers, that's for sure!

He's eating more and getting a lot more alert. It's been a process trying to get to know him, since we haven't been able to spend a lot of solid time with him. A few hours here and there, then time off to get a meal or go home for the night. The breaks are nice, but getting used to his rhythms is going to take a while. Today my parents and I got here in the morning and got to go right into the overnight room, which is where Craig and I are staying tonight, with Jacob...our first night with just him and us. The room is about 4 times the size of the room I had been hanging out in, and has a bed, a couch, and a couple chairs, as well as a bathroom, TV, and fridge. Much better to hang out in all day...a little closer to home life, anyway. Speaking of which, that should begin tomorrow afternoon! It's nerve-wracking, but it will be so nice to get him home. I feel much better about the prospect of exclusively taking care of him now that I'm physically feeling better. I don't know how new moms do it when they go home with their babies after two days of recovery. Ugh. Not that this was fun either, but I guess I'm relieved that I can focus completely on him and not me now. Craig will have a lot of time off in the next couple weeks, between the holiday and vacation, so that will be great.

The little guy is waking up now, and judging by my chest, I think it's about time to eat, time to go for now!

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