Thursday, June 19, 2008

What everyone's been waiting for...or almost...

Well, it appears the time has come...this blog is finally going to get interesting :) Guess where I am? I'm blogging from a hospital bed, believe it or not! Nice to have a hospital with wireless access! So yeah, it appears we'll have a baby in the next day or so! Last night my amniotic fluid started leaking. Fortunately it wasn't a crazy water-breaking like I had been fearing, and no furniture was harmed in the process (whew), but it was still a little nerve-wracking. We were told to hang out and see if I went into labor overnight, and if not, to come to the doctor in the morning and get checked out. No labor, so this morning we went in and they confirmed it was fluid and not just a leaky bladder or something. I had to be on the monitor for a while to make sure the baby was ok, and it was. They weren't sure if we should be sent to the hospital right away or not, but after Craig and I each headed to work for a little bit (we had to kill time somehow!), we got a call that we should come here this afternoon and get checked in! So now I'm on pitocin, which is aiming to induce my labor. Supposedly I'd been having contractions but I couldn't feel them and they weren't regular anyway. I'm up to a dose of 3 (out of 42) and thing seem to be progressing a bit...nothing horrible, just a little crampy...but noticeable contractions now. No idea how long it will be, but considering I started out at 4 cm dilated, they're optimistic it won't be super long. We shall see. We'll do our best to post news as soon as we can! Keep all three of us in your prayers, and we'll blog to you soon!

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