Monday, June 16, 2008

Productive Weekend

It's amazing what one weekend at home can do. We got a LOT done. Saturday I kept myself quite busy. Despite the heat in the house, I stayed pretty active. I did take breaks periodically to sit in front of the TV (and the fan) and get hydrated, but shortly thereafter I'd be right back to work. I did the dishes, changed our bedding (I tested out the garbage bag for waterproofing because it was a lot bigger, but opted to go with an extra hand-me-down multi-purpose waterproof pad I had because the garbage bag was crinkly.), and then got going on the baby stuff. Two loads of laundry, lots of folding, trying to find the best places in the nursery to store it all, and lots of reorganizing. I cleaned out all of the boxes of stuff we had, either putting things into a place until we need them, or pulling them out of the package and getting them set up. With Craig home on Sunday we got more done, including putting the mattress into the crib so I could make it up, moving a chair from the living room into the baby's room, and putting up the pack-n-play in its place. Seeing the pack-n-play sitting in our living room was one of those "reality check", wow...the baby is really going to start taking over the house!

The nursery is pretty much set, with just a couple more things that need to get put elsewhere and in desperate need of some decorating. Hopefully this week sometime. It'll definitely be a work in progress for a while, though, particularly once the baby comes and we figure out the flow. I put things away based on my logic, but how it all works in reality could be entirely different. We'll see. Once I get some decorations up, I'll try to post a picture...but right now it just looks like a whiteroom with some baby stuff in it. It definitely needs a little character boost.

It felt great to get all of that done, though. A huge load off my mind, and one step closer to not freaking out completely if I go into labor sometime soon. I still haven't packed that all important hospital bag, but I use so much of the stuff that I would put in there anyway that I have a feeling it would be a lot of last minute packing regardless. I have a checklist ready to go, and under most circumstances I'll have some time to kill before we can go to the hospital anyway. Craig is packed and ready to go, so if I am physically unable to do it, he should be able to follow my instructions and help me pack. I've got it all in my head and just have a couple things I need to prep ahead of time (like maybe putting some stuff on an MP3 player and making some decisions on coming home clothes for me and the baby--not that I have a lot of choices either way anyway), but I think when the time comes most of it would just be quick snap decisions anyway. By that point, I might not care! I just want to do some running around this week, and I should be in good shape. At least the weather is going to cooperate and stay cool this week...that will be a nice relief. Sleeping in a real bed beats the air mattress as long as the temperature is reasonable!

Time to go for now...I've been trying to catch up on emails tonight before I'm too busy and tired to write them, and now I think it's time I go back out and rejoin Craig in the living room. Only so many of these evenings left with just the two of us!

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