Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nesting Day

Whether the instinct has kicked in or not, today is nesting day. I have a ton of stuff to get done, and I'm not sure whether the hardest part is going to be pacing myself or keeping myself moving enough to get a good chunk of it done. Last night was a little scary, because I just wasn't feeling well. My cold seems to be on the downside, thank goodness, but for whatever reason, everything just shut down. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I lost my appetite. Craig and I were out for what may be our last date night alone, and I just started getting really tired. When our Olive Garden salad arrived (usually one of my absolute favorites), I was just sort of blah...almost uninterested in it. Same with my meal. I still ate some of each, hoping it would perk me up or something, but nothing seemed to do it. We had been planning on going down to the lake for ice cream or just cooler air, but then some thunderstorms rolled through and stopped that plan regardless of how I was feeling and we settled for a DVD at home instead...which I didn't even make it through. I was worried, of course, that this was some sort of pre-labor unsettledness, but apparently not....yet. My belly's been sore the last couple days from the baby kneeing/kicking me in this one spot, and I'm convinced that everything must just be stretched and sensitive. In any event, I'm feeling a bit better today so I think nesting day will go mostly as planned.

I already did dishes this morning. Next, I need to change the sheets on our bed and figure out a waterproofing method. That will be my first load of laundry. Next I will probably run the vacuum quickly in the kitchen (it needs it) and also in the baby's room, since the floor is covered with an infinite number of styrofoam beads from the packing around the furniture. Then I need to iron the crib dust ruffle and window valence a bit before putting those into place. Beyond that it's going to be some baby laundry and trying to find places in the baby's room for everything. I have some major rearranging to do in a number of places around the house, which is going to take some creative thinking to see where our storage inefficiencies currently are. I may also try to pack part of my hospital bag today, finally, just in case. There's a couple more odds and ends I have on a to do list somewhere, but that's the bulk of it. Strangely, the nesting instinct hasn't really made me a compulsive cleaner yet, though part of me wishes it would because I'm sure there are a lot of things around here that need it!

It may seem like a lot, but I think it's all pretty necessary and it's rare to get a whole day to just focus on this stuff. I know I mentioned in a post way back when that I was looking forward to this process, if only because I figured it would help me get mentally prepared for this baby. As much as we know all of this is coming, it's still pretty hard to believe that it's really going to happen. I've been watching the show "Birth Day" on Discovery Health each morning while eating my breakfast, and it's just a series of deliveries (not as gross as it sounds, I swear). As much as I know it's coming, it's still hard to believe that's going to be me in the next couple weeks...or sooner. All of those people got through it, and I will too, I guess!

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