Sunday, June 22, 2008

One week...

I guess I'm getting my wish, in a really backwards way. Remember how I desperately wanted to have this baby right on time? Well, obviously that didn't go quite according to plan, but the timing of bringing him home may be about the same as if I did. Jacob's going to have to stay in the hospital another week, on antibiotics to clear up a touch of pneumonia in his lung. That seems to be the only reason his oxygen levels go down periodically, so they really need to keep him here and clear that up before sending him home with us. He's also under the bilirubin lights now to clear up a bit of jaundice before it gets out of hand. He started to get a little yellow--not a surprise given that his blood type is different from mine-so they got him started on it now. We just keep saying that he's putting on his shades and getting a good tan :) I'm getting discharged today but will be spending the night here tonight in the overnight room adjacent to the nursery. I can't stay every night because the room has to be shared among other parents, but I will probably get another night later this week. In the meantime I will be discovering the wonderful world of the breast pump, to try to keep him well-stocked with breast milk while I'm not here. It's going to be tough trying to work out a good schedule for getting me here to see him periodically, since Craig's probably going to work most of this week (better to be off when Jacob's finally home) and I'm not supposed to drive yet. It's going to be a long week, for sure. On the bright side, we can catch up on some sleep in anticipation of having him home next week, and we can finish up anything that didn't get done before he arrived. So, in a touch of irony, we'll get the week back that we didn't get before. Definitely not how we planned it, though.

It's obviously tough leaving him behind. However, they're assuring us that he'll come out of all of this fine. As a result, it's hard to get too upset because things could be so much worse. He could have been born with any number of major problems, and he wasn't. He's got something totally treatable, and he's in great hands. I feel better having him here getting the right care, rather than having him home and freaking out 24/7 worrying about his breathing. The logistics of being apart from him for a week are probably my biggest worry right now, weird as that sounds. But regardless, it will be so nice to finally get him home and just enjoy him for a change. The little bit of time we have with him each feeding when he's not actually feeding is enough to fall in love with him all over again...and we can't wait to have uninterrupted time like that at home with him soon.

Oh, and for those of you who are aware of our (or more specifically, my) complete lack of poopy diaper experience, I've now survived three of them. Granted, slimy green newborn poo is a little different than normal baby poop, but it's a start.

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