Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Walking Time Bomb

Yeah, that's about what I feel like right now. Why? Well...I went to the doctor today. I'm now up to weekly exams, and they're no longer the easy tummy checks, as they like to call them. For the first time since the first time I went there after finding out I was pregnant, it was pants off. And what do you know? I'm apparently one centimeter dilated. That news really shocked me, actually, since I haven't really felt any contractions or pressure, and as everyone keeps reminding me, I'm carrying really high. And speaking of which...the doctor said that the baby's head is actually really low in my pelvis.

All of this sounds a little scary, like everything's in place, but you can be at 1 cm for weeks...which, as we all know from previous posts, is what I'm hoping happens. We have a LOT to do and I was counting on a couple more weeks to do it, at least. I'd like the baby to at least have a crib or some semblance of organization in its bedroom before it makes an appearance! Hopefully the ball will get rolling on that early next week. We'll see.

On the bright side, this news made some sense after the past few days I've had. On Monday I was practically convinced the baby was dropping, based on some odd sensations and on how sore the underside of my belly got when Craig and I took a walk. That night I slept terribly. In the past few weeks I've had a pain under my belly that sometimes comes on when I lay down. It's not all the time, but when it comes on, it's pretty intense. The doctor said that it was ligament pain. The other night it was matter how I tried to lay down, it kept coming. Fortunately, last night I didn't have it at all. Of course, now I'm convinced that the walking did me in, and today's diagnosis makes that thought make even more sense.

Not wanting to bring on labor any sooner than necessary, I'm now a little worried to take another walk or go back to the gym. I don't want to worsen that pain, either. I need to get sleep while I can! Even though I know one centimeter is common and doesn't mean much, now I'm extra paranoid that I'm not going to go late like I've always expected. Craig is even more paranoid, bringing up the possibility of not going on his roadtrip this weekend. I told him to go. However, he's now 100% convinced he's not going to take his June 22nd trip down to North Carolina (which he had really wanted to make since that's where our good friend Dave lives), because if it I make it that far, it's just going to be too risky. He doesn't want to miss this, obviously. My bosses got a little nervous with the news, too. Every time the baby moves now, I keep thinking, "Don't be getting any crazy ideas! Stay right there!"

I suppose this means I should really get around to packing my hospital bag...

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Corrina said...

Just something to think about... I was 1cm at my first internal apt too. I thought that meant the baby was coming and the next four weeks were torture for me. I ended up being 7 days late and they set a date to induce me. When I went to the hospital to be induced I went into labor naturally before they gave me any drugs. One thing I learned... each baby comes at it's own time :)