Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Still reeling a bit from yesterday's news, but I know from everything that I've heard and seen that I could be like this for a while. Still, every twinge makes me that much more nervous. I'm sure I'll adjust to the idea and eventually just accept the fact that something could happen at any time. Not knowing when or how all of this is going to happen could start making me crazy. I'm hoping that once things are a little more set with the baby's room I will feel better, though work will always be a concern. I'm sure there's still a lot of things I need to communicate before I finish working, though I'm sure many things won't occur to me until it's too late. I do have a backup plan, just in case, though it would obviously be a while before I could even act on the plan if the baby came early. My job is always changing so it's a little scary to think what I won't have had a chance to communicate if I go out unexpectedly. Ugh.

In other news...the next few days will be interesting, since the temperature is going to go sky high. I had a feeling this would happen, that even though I set myself up nicely to have the baby before the majority of the brutal summer heat, that the weather would find a way to get hot before then. April was so nice around here, and then May stunk...and I just knew that once June hit, we'd skip right over those lovely 70s and jump right into the heat. I'm not terribly uncomfortable when I'm awake, but I can only imagine what 90 degrees is going to feel like with this body. And sleep is going to be a disaster. We had one moderately warm night recently and I was miserable. And I'm still trying to figure out how we're going to keep the baby cool in the house when weather like this hits. Might have to have A/C leapfrog the dishwasher on the home improvement priority list...darn.

The good news is that I may not have to be home for a portion of the heat wave, since there's stuff going on this weekend that may take me to my parents' house a little ahead of schedule. This weekend is my cousin Jamie's college graduation party, and it will be my last chance to see my family before the baby comes. We had the some opportunity with Craig's family last weekend. It's a weird thought, that the next time you see these people your entire life will have changed. The baby that's currently hanging out in my belly will actually be here in the flesh. Crazy.

Oh, and apparently I'm still "cute pregnant"...I'm getting a lot of that these days, now that my belly is this perfect round basketball. It's appreciated, since I suppose any compliment at over 8 months is an amazing thing, but again, I swear, it's all about watching what you eat, keeping active, dressing nicely, and having some good genes to fall back on. I can't take a ton of credit for the last one obviously, but I've put in a good effort on the other three and I'm happy with the results. Heck, I almost feel like I'm getting off easy because I'm not looking massive yet. Massive compared to what I was, maybe, but just pleasantly pregnant compared to the rest of the world.

Sorry there's nothing too fascinating to post about today, but hopefully I'll be more inspired tomorrow!

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Aunt Sue said...

Amy, I remember when I was 1 cm with Keith and three weeks later, they induced. I don't want to be one of those woman who tell terrible stories. I hope you wait until your due date to have the baby, so your Mom can be with you and I can be with Grandma. I can't wait to see you, Craig and the new baby in July. Take care and enjoy your rest time now, it will change shortly.

Love, Aunt Sue