Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day Two

Well, Jacob is officially 36 hours old. He's still in the special care nursery but he looks great. He's still having episodes once in a while with his breathing, but it appears that most of them resolve themselves, so hopefully that's a good sign. No more space helmet, though, thank goodness. Still not sure how long they're going to leave him on the antibiotics, or whether or not he'll be able to come home with us, but we still have another day for them to observe him so we should have some answers tomorrow. My doctor told me today that I might not go home until Monday now, which is fine with me. It's not that I love hanging out here all day in a hospital gown, but I am nursing him every few hours now so it's way more convenient to be here and not have to worry about pumping or anything quite yet. We shall see, though.

I'm feeling better, I guess...still sore but a little more awake and mobile. I finally took a shower and have been trying to walk around a little more, so I think that's got to help a bit regardless. Craig's escaped the hospital a bit to check in at home, stop at the grocery store, and make himself feel a little more human as well. We're definitely still trying to figure out the parenting thing a bit, but we'll get the hang of it eventually. It's just odd not having Jacob in our room all day, because we haven't had as much of the usual experience yet...the nursery changes most of the diapers and things like that, so we feel a bit behind right now. We'll have plenty of time, but it probably would have been nice to encounter that stuff while we have a ton of people around to ask about things. Again, we'll figure it out eventually. Right now we just want to make sure his breathing gets back on track so he's safe when he comes home.

We had a lot of visitors yesterday, some of which were surprises, and it was nice to see people and show off our little man. He got rave reviews from everyone! It's also been fun reading our emails and getting all of our well-wishes...Craig sent the news out to the lacrosse team (he's missing a roadtrip this weekend) and the players' responses have been funny. It also got announced at the major press conference Craig missed on Thursday that he wasn't there because he was here, so he's gotten a lot of emails from a bunch of people that wouldn't have otherwise known. Technology makes this whole experience that much more interesting these days!

So without further ado, I'll give you what you've been waiting for...more pictures!
Our sleepy little angel :)

Look who's awake!

Have a nice weekend and check in again soon!

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