Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quick update...

Hey everyone...Just wanted to let you know that today's doctor's appointment went fine. I'm up three pounds since last time (still less than the average pound per week, but they didn't seem concerned so I'm ok if they are) and the baby's heart sounded good. I swear I could listen to it all day. Of course, that sneaky baby moved while we were listening so the doctor had to move around to find it again. I'm still not big enough to measure, I guess, because I saw the tape measure on the desk but she didn't use it. Next time, I guess.

I just saw a picture of Jessica Alba on the front of a magazine at the grocery store. She's pretty big already, and she came out with her news just a little before we did. Only reason I remember is because we were in Florida when she did it. So either she's a bit further along than me, or I'm just incredibly lucky to stay as small as I have so far. I'm just happy there are a couple other cool celebs pregnant right now, like Nicole Kidman and Gwen Stefani. It's just fun to see famous people with their baby bellies, although they'll obviously be much better dressed than me throughout :) Oh well...hopefully off to Old Navy this weekend to rectify that. I feel like I'm buying a lot of stuff, but when you go from a big closet to this handful of wearable stuff, it's a little scary. I'll settle in eventually.

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