Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not sure I should keep reading...

Reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting" has been an interesting experience. I read a bunch the last couple days and am caught up to where I currently am in the pregnancy...somewhere in the middle of the 4th month. While all of the information is probably good stuff to know, for this pregnancy or future ones, there isn't a ton of stuff that I wasn't somewhat aware of before. As I had imagined, the web houses a lot of the same stuff. Anyway, there are two issues I'm having as a result of reading: 1) I've found out about potential problems that I never knew existed; and 2) I'm feeling a little disgruntled about the stuff they consider "normal".

For point #1, I'm not about to lose my mind. It's just a little scary knowing these disorders exist. There was one that talked about some metabolic disorder that only makes itself known after birth. The moment that baby starts eating, it's putting its life at risk. Yikes. I know better than to assume that this will happen to our baby, but still...I probably would have been happier not knowing that. There's also pregnancy complications in there, and I'm sure there are more to come as things only get dicier from here on out. It's good to know about these things just in case symptoms start popping the unlikely event that they do. However, even for the stuff that usually takes place earlier than the point I'm at now, it's this scary little thing in the back of your mind for the next time around. Ugh.

And for point #2...They give you a bunch of generalizations, like where your appetite should be, or how bad the nausea should be, or what things might be concerning you emotionally. The big annoying one right now is the fact that my trips to the bathroom should be decreasing at this point. Apparently they're supposed to be worse early on because of increased fluids, as well as the placement of the uterus within the pelvis. At the point I'm at now, the uterus is supposed to be moving higher in the pelvis and giving some relief to the bladder. The usual stereotype of the pregnant woman having to pee constantly is usually an image from later on, when the baby is taking up a lot of room and pressing on the bladder once again. Well, I swear I've had to go more this week than I have at any point thus far. Yeah, it's a little thing, but in the middle of the workday when you have to stop working and walk by the same receptionist every time you have to go, it's annoying.

Let's just leave it at this....when you're on this end of things, generalizations are bad. They're handy when you're in the majority, but otherwise...ugh.

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