Friday, January 11, 2008

Milestone or false hope?

So...I just bought my first maternity clothes. I didn't go out intending to buy them, but I hadn't been shopping in a while so I figured I'd look around a little bit, even just at normal clothes, to see if there were any styles that might work for this in between time. I went to Target to look at a couple things, and figured I'd stroll through the clearance racks. I'm well aware of their Liz Lange maternity line, because half the time I'd pull something cute off the clearance racks, I'd look at the tag and realize it was maternity. Disappointing, because seriously, that stuff was cute! The last time I browsed the racks I was pregnant, but it was so early that I couldn't bring myself to buy any of the cool stuff I found.

Today I felt "legal", so I figured I'd give it another shot. I found a pair of pants, a couple really cute dressy tops, and a dress to try on. The dress was a no-go (but it was less than $7!), but everything else had promise. I was ready to buy the other three pieces, but then realized the pants were not clearance priced (though I swear I've seen them on the clearance racks before, and I didn't see them in the regular maternity clothes...but they scanned full price). The pants were a size 2 (nice to know that transfers to maternity clothes) and were a little loose in the belly (duh), but overall, they fit pretty well. I'll hold off for now, though. I can keep checking and find other pants some other day. They do have the cutest pair of cargo pants there, though :) The two tops were less than $6 each, and again, despite not knowing what my body's going to do in the next few months, I think the fit was good enough to risk it. I have 90 days to change my mind and take them back, so I think that's reasonable.

Let me just say, it's really tough to dress a body you don't actually have yet! As ok as things seemed to fit today, I have no idea what my body (all of it, not just the belly) is going to do in the next couple months, so who knows? However, the clothes that are out there are pretty cute, and I'm probably the least afraid of maternity wear than I've ever been, so this is good timing. Nice to know that there are some clothes out there that will potentially fit me when the time comes, and I haven't even tried the thrift store route yet. Crazy, but I'm cool with it so far!

Have a good weekend, and go Knighthawks!

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