Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pregnancy in the Internet Age

It's been occurring to me a lot lately that being pregnant now is so much different than it was, say, when I was born. Ultrasounds (and the resulting effect of knowing your baby's gender) weren't around back then, and I'm sure there are thousands of products out there now that cater to pregnant women and their various wants and needs. And sometimes I wonder how registries ever worked back in the day, before bar code scanners and self-serve kiosks. Heck, were there even registries for baby showers back then?

Obviously one of the more important inventions since my birth is the Internet. And more and more I'm realizing how it makes pregnancy in this day and age different. Take this blog, for example. Back in the day you had to talk to people on the phone or mail them letters and photos if you wanted to keep them up to date. Now I just post on here and voila! I've reached however many people, and done it all for free. And yes, I will get around to posting photos when there's something to show, I promise.

Then there's the book, What to Expect When You're Expecting. I've been pondering buying it with a Barnes and Noble gift card I have, but I'm not sure I need it considering the vast amount of pregnancy info on the net. I may still pick it up as an easy reference, or just as another (official) source, but with so many sites out there, I'd have to think it's ubiquity amongst pregnant women has gone down a bit. With or without it, it's nice to know I can hop on Yahoo Answers or any number of pregnancy sites' community forums and look up whatever questions I have. Even if they're not official answers, you tend to get enough "My doctor said..." or general experience answers to figure out what tends to be the trend.

One element I've been enjoying so far is the weekly email that I get from one site. Each week it tells me what the fetus is doing this week, whether it's getting taste buds or seeing light or growing like a weed. It also gives you a common object to compare your baby's size to. Last week it was a lemon, this week it's an apple. Always makes me wonder what the next week will bring? Will week 16 be a grapefruit? Or will we graduate from fruit to some other genre? It's quite entertaining and something to look forward to every week.

I'm sure there are more, but that's enough for now. Pretty crazy to think about, but let me tell you...there's one invention I'm glad exists now, and it has nothing to do with the Internet...two words....disposable diapers!

P.S. - I found out today that two other women in my office are also pregnant. They're sisters, and both have already been through this before, but we're all due within a month or so of each other, so this could get interesting :)

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Corrina said...

Hey Amy! So excited for you. I thought I would make a comment finally since I have a little bit of advice. I am sure I will have some more here and there since I just went through all that (although I can't believe John was born a year ago already). I wanted to mention something about books. I had several people suggest that I not read "What to expect..." because there are several things in there that just tend to freek you out. I looked at it briefly in the store and it didn't look like much fun to read. Then I found the book "Your Pregnancy Week by Week". I really enjoyed that one. It's just a couple pages of reading each week throughout your pregnancy about what is going on that week and things to get prepared for. Then if you want you can follow it up with "Your Baby's First Year Week by Week". I enjoyed them both and would highly recommend them. -Corrina