Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby Steps

I was totally planning on posting this past weekend to make up for my lack of posting late last week, but alas, it never happened. It turned out to be a pretty busy weekend, after all. Much of the weekend was focused on more early planning stuff for the baby. Some went well, others...not so much.

Friday night I went shopping with my cousin Lori for more maternity clothes. I wanted to check out Goodwill and see if they had anything, since you really can't beat paying a couple bucks for something you might only wear for a few months. It seemed like something more fun to do with someone else, as well, so it worked out perfectly that Lori came along. I managed to find three shirts (one that I can't wear in the presence of my mom, because it's tight--it's just a plain, purple, long-sleeved t-shirt that I figure might work well under stuff, or just around the house--but I know my mom's feelings on tight maternity clothes!) and a pair of workout shorts. Grand total for all four pieces: $8.00. Nice. We then moved on to Target and I managed to find two more shirts on clearance (my favorite ones so far). I also got a pair of black pants. They weren't on sale but Lori offered up a $5 off coupon (thanks, Lori!!) so I figured that was a good time to buy them and keep them on hand for the day I realize nothing else fits. Overall it was a successful trip.

Saturday I spent a good chunk of the day putting together our new desk. The desk is coming into the office to replace my old desk and our old computer cart. Based on the future setup of the room once it becomes the office/guest room, my old desk wouldn't work and the computer cart didn't have enough storage. The desk actually works perfectly in the area it's in (an L-shaped side of the desk extends out farther than the other), and assembly went well right up until I put the drawers in and nothing lined up. Crooked drawers, mis-aligned sides. Ugh. We finally got it looking ok after much angst, but now I'm extra concerned about putting together baby furniture, despite so many successful IKEA assemblies in the past. But the desk fits everything we needed it to fit, so at the end of the day, all is well.

Sunday we took a little trip out to the Waterloo outlets to make an exchange at the Nike store and check a couple other places, namely the Motherhood Maternity outlet. That didn't go so well. They had a lot of cute stuff for spring (I'm trying to get winter stuff right now because if I don't find stuff before it's out of the stores for the season, I might be spending March and April a little chilly), but clearance was a bit more hit and miss. I did try on a couple pairs of pants (no on both) and even messed around with the belly pad they have in the fitting room to simulate later stages of pregnancy...but that just ended up being a little scary and I gave up for the day. Neither Old Navy or the Gap had any maternity stuff, which was a bit of a bummer. Online shopping at both places provides a lot of decent options, but considering how tough it is to buy clothes when I can try them on, online scares the crap out of me. I might not have a choice, though.

Overall it was a good weekend of baby steps for our planning, but we still have so much to do. Thankfully I have weekends off now so I have some time, but I know how quickly they can pass. It's already heading toward the end of January, after all...and our six month cushion is rapidly turning into five months. Wow...time flies!

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