Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Monday!

Hey there...Not much to report today. It's a dreary Monday and it's trying to snow here in Rochester. Everyone seems tired today, me included. Still have to drag my butt to the gym later, though.

No more maternity shopping over the weekend, though Craig and I did take our first look into the world of nursery decor. I must say, I'm a bit cranky. Almost everything out there is gender specific. And even if it's supposed to be neutral, it's not. There isn't much green or yellow out there that isn't paired with predominantly pink or blue. Safari animals are way overdone, and any animals in general just tend to be slanted toward one gender or another. Fortunately, we think we're leaning toward Baby Snoopy stuff, or more specifically Snoopy & Family. Not only are the colors good for both sides, but it includes Snoopy's sister, Belle, to girl it up a bit. The stuff is really cute...the only thing is, I haven't seen it in stores lately. I haven't really looked hard, but our Burlington didn't have it and the last time I was at Babies 'R' Us, I didn't see anything there either. But honestly, it's the only thing I've seen that I really like, and fortunately, the Snoopy thing is perfect for us, for those of you aware of Craig's (and now my) obsession with all things Peanuts. But I must say, I'm disappointed that there isn't more plain animals or themes, just colors and patterns that don't lean one way or another. In this day and age where there's something out there for everyone, it really seems like those of us who aren't finding out really get the shaft.

On the other side of things, allow me to say that I'm relieved that my wedding planning days are over. I spent some of my lunch today looking through bridesmaid dresses online for my friend Lois' wedding (Hi Lois!). Obviously it's not my ultimate choice, but since we can't physically go out and shop together right now, I offered up my services to take a look around and see what's out there. There's a lot of dresses and many of them are beautiful, but it took me back to those days five years ago when I was trying to find a dress that would work on all the girls, be within a reasonable price range, and fit the look I wanted. It's a tough call and I'm glad those days are over. There are just too many strapless dresses out there for my liking. Makes it tougher to find good strapped ones. I'm so excited for the wedding (and extremely happy that I'll have two months to lose the baby weight before it), but's going to be a tough decision for Lois! Hopefully my feedback will help!

Have a good day...


Mom B. said...


Just thought I'd leave a quick comment so you know I do read your blog! I'll keep my eyes open for stuff you might like for the nursery and let you know if I find anything.

Love you!! Mom

Corrina said...

Hi Amy. I know what you mean about things being gender specific. We didn't find out with John either. We ended up doing a fish theme (kind of under the sea). It is at Babies R Us. The main color is blue but there is a lot of purple, pink and yellow in the animals. I had a friend that used it for a girl and it worked and I am using it for John. We bought a lot of other fish things to go with it. If you have a girl you could always add mermaids :) -Corrina