Friday, January 4, 2008

A good old fashioned update

No philosophical thoughts today, so I'll just give you a basic update. We're nearing 15 weeks, and I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. All is well, heartbeat is good, and the baby moved a lot while we were listening in, so that makes me wonder what it will actually be like when I can feel all that movement! My ribs and bladder are already bracing for kicks!

To the casual observer, I'm not showing yet, but I think I've officially decided that the little bulge below my belly button isn't just the result of eating freely (compared to my normal eating habits, anyway). While eating may have contributed a bit to its size, it seems pretty solid so I'm thinking that's got to have a baby behind it somewhere. Eventually the bulge will head north, to right behind the belly button, but in the meantime I'll probably just look fat for a while. It'll stay hidden ok behind clothes for a bit, I think, but based on how I think it's changed in just the last week or so, I'm wondering how long even that will last.

I keep noticing even this little belly getting in the way periodically, like when bending over during my exercise class, or when I lay at certain angles trying to fall asleep. I can technically still lay on my stomach, but it's more comfortable if I'm slightly angled to the side. But I can only imagine what the real belly will be like. It's a little scary, but hey, when else can you watch your body do something so bizarre and know it's actually a GOOD thing?

But so far so good...and thank God for that!

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Aunt Lynne said...

After viewing Kellie's weekly reports, I found that as a 60 year old mother of three and grandmother of three, I still have alot to learn about pregnancy. Enjoy your blog and look forward to more info. I'm here when you need me. Love you!