Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not a thing to wear...

I'm still struggling with my figure and how to dress it. It seems like every day my stomach is getting a little bigger, but it's still not round enough to look like I'm actually pregnant. I still just look like I've put on some weight, all in my stomach. I still contend that the difference between looking fat and looking pregnant is a distinct horizontal crease in the belly button region. It's from the natural separation of my rolls of fat when I sit (dating back pre-pregnancy). Right now I still have that crease. Once the baby pushes its way up, it should fill it in.

Depending on what I'm wearing, the belly is still not that noticeable. However, tight things are pretty much a no-no at this point if I'm not wearing pants that camouflage the chub and provide a nice transition for my shirt. For example, I'm wearing a fitted shirt today, but because of where my pants fall, you can't really see much belly...except that the pouch below the waistline is bigger than it used to be. But really, I suppose I just look average now.

Last night I was at the gym, and I brought my loosest tank top with me. It's still a little fitted, but compared to the stuff I used to wear, it's pretty loose. Again, it wasn't bad, but I felt like I fit right in with the folks who are still getting into their new year's resolution trips to the gym. Guess I'm stuck with baggy t-shirts now, particularly when I go to class and look in a mirror for the entire hour.

I'm slowly but surely running out of pants that fit, and I think I need to go get some new panty hose. I still don't think I'm big enough for my one pair of maternity pants, but I do need to try them on again. For now I'm stuck with a couple pairs that just fit, a couple pants from my heavier days that are still a little big, and any elastic waist skirts (assuming I get the bigger panty hose). Shirts I can make work here and there, but I did go out over the weekend and buy a bunch of regular tops (all on clearance) with empire waists and flowing bottom halves so I didn't feel like my only other option was maternity wear. Even still, it's a big step to take. Almost like, once you go there, you can't go back. I know that's not the case, but it's just odd. Getting up every day and trying to figure out what to wear is torture...and I thought it was bad before when I was just sick of everything in my closet. Ugh.

And I know that one of these days when I try to wear normal clothes, I'm going to run into the obstacle I've been waiting for...my belly will be out enough that my belly button ring will be visible. Right now it's still hiding in the belly button crease, but when that's pushed out farther, I'll have to finally make the call to take it out. I'm ok with it, but hey, it's been part of me for over 7 years now...another big step. I'm sure that will be a whole post in and of itself...so stay tuned :)

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