Friday, February 1, 2008

Cautiously optimistic...

So I think I've finally crossed over to the point where I know it's the baby moving and not just a gas bubble. I've been feeling the same sort of stuff for a few weeks, but for all I know some of it was real movement and some of it was indeed gas. Believe me, the body does weird things during pregnancy, so gas manifests itself in different ways than usual. I felt it a lot, and I've been feeling it more and more the past few days. As a result, I'm getting more confident that it's actually the baby. With my belly being "out there" more and more, I figured it would come soon. Of course, I could be totally wrong, but I hope not. It's definitely a weird feeling, but it's pretty stinkin' cool. Who knows how long it will be before it's visible or able to be felt from the outside, though. In any event, I thought that was pretty cool so I figured I'd share.

By the way, this icy, crappy weather is really annoying...and even moreso when you're pregnant and deathly afraid of slipping and falling or having even the slightest fender-bender. It was fascinating to watch out the window from the 16th floor today, but geez...not so much fun when you know you'll have to go out in it. But have a safe weekend, everyone!

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