Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Working it Out

Last time around I worked out until I was about 7-1/2 months pregnant.  I was quite large by that time and it got too hard to do my normal class without modifying everything.  The class I'm taking this time around is similar in the activities, but the structure is a little different and covers a wider variety of exercises from week to week.  Each part of the class targets a different muscle group for an extended period of time.  For example, we might do a series of exercises that target certain areas of the body--say, four different exercises--for three sets in a row.  Four exercises for 20 reps, the same four exercises for 15 reps, and the same four exercises for 10 reps.  All of that repetition is tough.  In the old class we'd jump between parts a little more, so there'd be a built-in break for each muscle group.  I like the class and definitely need the workout--it's all I can seem to fit in right now, even though I'd rather do two workouts a week.  I'm just worried that I won't make it as far this time.

Originally I wanted to run while pregnant.  Not for long, but at least until it started to get uncomfortable.  However, I happened to take a running break around the time I got pregnant, and once I was, I was a bit out of the groove and I was nervous about whether my body could handle it.  They say you can keep doing what you were doing, but I had sort of stopped and didn't want to push it.  The couple times I tried I didn't like how it felt and I was more nervous afterward than it was worth.  So I gave that up pretty quickly.  I had just started going to this class a little while before I got pregnant so I kept that up, but then the instructor got injured in a deer-on-motorcycle accident (not bad, thankfully) and for that and other reasons I didn't go to a class for quite a few weeks straight.  I was nervous about getting back to that, but the last couple weeks have been okay.  I have to take it easy a bit and I'm noticing my belly already getting in the way sometimes when I need to crunch my mid-section.  I'm a little tired after tonight's class, which was a tough one, and of course that makes me wonder how long this will last. 

Heading into this pregnancy I sort of assumed that things would go pretty similarly to last time.  So far that has not been the case.  I felt sick longer, I've already had more discomfort early on, and I'm getting bigger sooner.  What if I can't work out for very long this time?  What if I get huge?  I'm already worried that I'm going to be less cute-pregnant this time and the discomfort is going to continue.  Giving up workouts early would mean a loss of fitness leading up to delivery and the chance I'll gain more weight than last time.  Obviously I'll figure out how to manage it if it happens, but I've just learned I can take nothing for granted this time around.  I'll miss working out if that gets taken from me early this time, so for now I have to just do what I can and hope for the best.  One workout at a time...

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