Thursday, September 6, 2012

Speaking of the First Day of School...

Because Jacob moved into his Pre-K 4 room months ago, we really didn't have a "first day of school" this year.  Sure, I could have taken a picture of him on the first "official" day of him being in that room, but he'd been visiting so much already and I always dropped him off in that room anyway because he eats breakfast there, so there wasn't much of a transition.  And who takes a first day of school picture in June anyway?  So, this morning, on the first official day of school in our district, we took this picture:
Like his shirt?
Yep, you got it.  That crazy and adorable four year old child is going to be a big brother! 

I'm sure my relative silence on the topic has been a tip-off, but indeed, I'm pregnant and we'll be welcoming baby #2 somewhere around March 7th, give or take a week or two.  Since I was 10 days early last time, I can't help but wonder if we'll end up with a February baby instead!  So much for enjoying the weather during maternity leave this time around, but when you need a little assistance to make things happen, you take what you can get!

We did get minimal help from the fertility folks this time around, but it worked like a charm on the first try.  That was in mid-June, and a couple weeks later we got a very faint positive pregnancy test.  I was concerned it might be the effects of the hormone I was injected with, as that sometimes lingers and can cause a false positive, but the next test I took a couple days later was a little less faint.  Bloodwork confirmed it, and by early July I was starting to feel the effects...and I have been ever since.  We're now nearly 14 weeks along, and I am still feeling pretty crappy most of the time.  Last time the nausea ended around 11 weeks when we went on our trip to Florida, and this time it stopped being constant around 12 weeks but still pops up from time to time (like, usually at least once a day, or all day when I'm extra tired).  No puking, thankfully, but the constant crappy feeling isn't a picnic either.  In the past couple weeks it's been a lot of tiredness and just a general feeling of "blah".  Where last time I was a bottomless pit when it came to food, this time I get full quicker and stay full if I eat too much.  Otherwise I'm hungry every couple hours and feel terrible if I don't eat soon enough.  It's a delicate balance, though somehow despite a constant schedule of eating I haven't really gained any weight yet.  It's probably due to the loss of muscle from less frequent, less intense workouts, but oh well.

I'm just finding everything a lot harder this time around, but I suppose that could be for a lot of reasons.  I'm four years older, I have an active and defiant little boy running around, and I think this time my body just isn't reacting the same.  The "blahs" have lasted a lot longer--tiredness I can manage, but feeling crappy just impacts everything--and I've already been having some general discomfort from what I think is round ligament pain.  It seems way too soon for that.

I'm not officially showing yet, but I can't suck in my stomach anymore and it's definitely pouching out a bit.  I'm doing my darnedest to dress around it, but it's not easy.  Now that the news is out I guess I shouldn't worry as much about it, but I still want to dress nicely and look respectable until I can officially pull out the maternity stuff, which is still mostly huge.

I'm sure I'll have a lot more to share in the coming days, weeks, and months about all that's been happening in these last couple months, but the good news is that I've been keeping a little "diary" on the side.  I wanted to document the early stages, and particularly once we really got into the process and I found it frustrating to not have a record of how I was feeling early on in my last pregnancy.  Since I didn't start blogging until just around this same time last time, I don't have a vivid description of how things progressed in those early weeks.  I would have liked the reference!  So, over the next couple weeks or so, I'll be posting my account of nearly three months of this process, in the form of letters to the baby.  It should give you the bulk of the back story and give you insight into the first couple months that pregnant women are usually pretty quiet about.

I had wanted to share the news sooner but really wanted to get Jacob a shirt like the one above to do it, and I had zero luck finding one.  I finally had to settle on making one myself with iron-on transfers.  That one looks pretty good in the picture, but geez, the real thing was a bit of a challenge and I'll be shocked if it makes it through a washing or two.  I even did a tiny bit of touch-up with a Sharpie.  Smooth.  The whole t-shirt process took a bit (from finding the time to look, to realizing I couldn't find one, to not liking the one ready-made transfer out there, to having to pick out the shirt and letters, to finally making it far too late last night), and I figured there was no harm in waiting anyway, so here we are.  Jacob wore it to daycare today, too, so I'm sure that made for an interesting day.  We just told him the news Monday night.  He seemed excited though a little unsure and possibly unimpressed by the whole thing.  He did seem a bit intrigued knowing that there's a baby in Mommy's belly right now, but he got over it pretty quickly.  We've been trying to hype it up (mostly the cool big brother aspects), but still keep things pretty even-keel since nothing's happening for about six months.  I think it'll be more real when my belly is huge, we know the sex (yep, October 17th is the big day), and we start feeling kicks.  The jury's out on how he'll respond to big brotherhood, but we've got some time to prepare. 

We're obviously very excited, though the whole experience is very different this time around, between feeling crappier longer and having Jacob to keep us busy.  We have a lot of projects to accomplish in the next six months, though different ones than last time.  Instead of starting from scratch, we have a ton of baby stuff to sort through and find new places for.  We have to get Jacob moved over to a big boy room, and figure out what the loss of our guest room means for future visitor accommodations.  If it's a boy I have a TON of clothes to sort through and reorganize...and if not, I'll still sort through the baby stuff and set aside the gender-neutral clothes before running out to every store in the mall and snapping up the cutest girl stuff ever (just kidding...sort of).  If it's a boy we may also need to bite the bullet and replace the purple in the baby's room.  It matched the baby stuff perfectly, so we've passed it off as a Knighthawk color until now, but a new baby boy probably deserves better since we have a little more lead time to change it than we did when we moved in.  This baby will also be born in the middle of the lacrosse season, so that's going to be a challenge itself.  Not only will Craig be around less and going on roadtrips, but it's going to break my heart when I can't take Jacob to games later on in the season.  He loves it so much, but obviously we're not going to be going a loud, germ-filled arena late at night with a tiny baby. 

Sorry, this random stream of thoughts will probably come fast and furious the next few months.  Bear with me.  I need to vent/ponder it somewhere, so it usually ends up here.  Anyway...we're excited and I'm glad to be finally sharing our big news with you!  Stay tuned...things are about to get interesting :)

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Amanda said...

Congratulations. Such exciting times for you guys. Hope you start feeling better soon. My second pregnancy was harder too. I think it has a lot to do with having an older child that you are taking care of, playing with, etc.