Saturday, September 22, 2012

News and Notes, Week 16

- The nausea finally seems to have subsided for the most part.  I haven't had more than a fleeting moment for about a week.  I'm still beyond tired and have moments where I'm feeling off, but at least one symptom is off the list.  Of course, last night I added another.  I'd had a bit of a headache most of the day and last night it blew up badly.  We'd had a lovely little movie night with pizza and "Field of Dreams", but I was in bed before Jacob, at 9:15, because I couldn't even function anymore.  It stuck around most of the night and is still lingering today.  It was brutal and now I'm wondering if I need to get an adjustment or something.  I had shooting pains up my neck, too, so it may just be an alignment thing.  I'm hoping, anyway.

- Despite the headache issues, I did manage to get bit by the nesting bug today.  When I got up this morning I pulled out my fall decorations, which led to dusting my dining room and washing my kitchen windows.  It felt good to get a couple things done and get the house looking a little more fall-ish.  Just in time...

- I'm still eagerly awaiting real, obvious kicks from the baby.  I've had some moments where I've felt something, but it's still not clear when it's a kick vs. gas or a muscle spasm.  I didn't start knowing for sure until about 18 or 19 weeks last time, so I'd think I'd have to be feeling the real thing soon.  Sometimes if I'm laying quietly on my side or my pants are squishing my belly in a certain way I think I'm feeling something, but again, it's hard to know.  I'm really looking forward to feeling those kicks because it's the first little connection with the baby.  And once the kicks are obvious from the outside it'll be even more fun because Jacob can feel them, too!

- This is our first weekend at home in a long time.  It's nice to not be rushing off down the Thruway.  We've crammed in a lot of good family time in the last month or two, but it's nice to have a break.  I need the sleep, I need the time, and I need the lack of a set schedule.  We'll hopefully run some errands tonight and grab some dinner out.  Tomorrow is the Bills game, and that's about it.  I can make a good, home-cooked dinner and not rush to do my Sunday evening laundry.  The downside of all of these weekends away is that Jacob is out of the groove when it comes to his naps, so going down for one today was a challenge.  Ridiculous.  I am really going to miss naptime when it's officially done.  That break is always so nice.  At least I have another baby's naps to look forward to, and hopefully by then Jacob will be able to more easily take care of himself...even if it means locking him in his room with Legos for a while.

- I don't know what I wore at this stage last time I was pregnant.  I must have had some really frumpy clothes I've since donated, because right now I look at my closet and I'm not seeing many options. Of course, last time it was the middle of winter and I could hide behind some bulkier sweaters, but I don't own that many of those.  My jeans are still workable with a ponytail holder around the button and I have some fat pants that still work, but my shirts are pretty much of the non-maternity empire waist variety.  I have a couple other things that still work (cardigan sweaters, for example), but it's a struggle.  Next weekend should be interesting as well, since we'll be in Atlanta (!) and I'll have to manage three days of warm weather outfits.  I have capris from a fatter phase, bigger shorts from post-pregnancy last time, a summery dress, and hopefully a skirt or something.  Again, the tops will be trickier, but hopefully I can figure out something!  Regardless, I never thought I'd be in such a hurry to get bigger!

That's about it for now.  I'll keep posting the letters in between current I hope you're enjoying the insight into the last couple months!

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