Friday, September 14, 2012

Real-Time Update

Hope you've been enjoying my "Letters to Baby" posts.  It's been funny reading back through them and remembering all the different points I was at when I wrote them.  There's still about 10 more to go, I think, and I'll continue to post them when I have nothing else to write about.  But I figured it was time to check in on our current situation, so I'm not looking back down the road saying, "Well, that's great we know what was happening two months earlier, but how were you feeling on that actual day?"

Well, here were are at nearly 15 weeks, as of tomorrow.  For sure now we're less than six months away from the big day, and I feel like I have so much to do.  I know there's time, but I also know how quickly it's going to go, particularly once we hit the holidays and all that.  Normally the wintertime post-holiday goes SLOW, but I have a feeling this year it might not be a problem--unless, of course, I'm feeling like crap and desperate to have this baby already.  Let's hope that's not the case, but the longer I go with slight nausea and the blahs, the more concerned I get.  As a whole things are better, but there are still days when I don't feel great.  Some days I feel almost normal, and others are just hard.  Normally those bad days coincide with lack of sleep, but even today I don't feel particularly fantastic and I went to bed extra early.  I did wake up once at 5am, but I actually fell back to sleep much more quickly and soundly than usual.  It's just a bummer that I can't trust my own body one bit these days.

I've determined that I'm a good 3-4 weeks ahead of where I was last time, belly-wise.  Looking back at the blog, I was having some clothing issues right around the 17-18 week mark, and that seems to be about where I am now.  The weather has complicated things a bit this time, because my summer clothes are even less conducive to camouflaging a belly than my winter stuff.  Very few of my summer bottoms fit right now, so every time the temperature spikes, I'm faced with a dilemma as I stare down my closet in the morning.  I can still do my normal jeans--albeit with a hair tie giving me a little extra breathing room around the waist--and the good news is that more of my clothes are long enough to cover that adjustment this time, since styles changed in the last 4+ years to favor longer shirts.  I have a handful of tops that will get me through this awkward phase, but it'll be nice to get into real maternity stuff with a real belly within the next few weeks (I hope).  Not wishing to be huge, but looking pregnant beats looking fat any day.

I'm already generally more uncomfortable than I remember being last time.  I was in no rush to deliver so things couldn't have been that bad (or was the fear just that intense?), but this time I'm already uncomfortable sitting in certain positions or trying to sleep.  I got back into a stomach-sleeper habit in the last four years, and now I need to break that again.  It's so hard sometimes, especially when my back isn't a valid position either!

Still, I know how lucky I am to be at this point and I am grateful.

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