Monday, September 3, 2012

Thoughts on the End of Summer

Normally I'm fighting against the end of summer with every fiber of my being.  And don't get me wrong--the second the weather turns I'm going to be regretting every single second where I didn't suck every drop of life out of this summer.  But it was a weird summer, a very busy one, and I'm not entirely upset about its end.  I'm sure that as the weeks go on, I'm going to start remembering a long list of activities I wanted to do this summer that we never got to do, and I'll probably be sad that we missed our chance.  But at the same time, the arrival of fall brings a deep exhale.  The weather will start to cool, which will be a welcome relief from the high 80s to mid-90s we had for a good portion of the summer.  Craig's summer lacrosse season is over and he'll be home on weekends most of the time from now until at least late fall when training camp starts.  Our long list of weekend activities and reasons to travel to Buffalo nearly every weekend will slow, although most weekends this month do seem to have potential activities--we're going to the Bills' home opener, we have the potential for at least one baseball-related trip, and I'm trying to schedule a long-overdue weekend to spend with my oldest friend. 

Even this weekend had its share of activities.  My birthday was Friday.  I took off work to have a day for myself.  I hung out around the house in the morning and spent the afternoon shopping.  We went out to dinner and did a little more shopping afterward.  Saturday we mostly just relaxed.  Sunday we were off to Buffalo for Craig's dad's birthday, and Jacob spent the afternoon swimming and the evening playing baseball.  I insisted that we come home that night because I wanted to wake up in my own bed this morning and have a whole day here to rest up for jumping back into the work week.  I had a productive morning--a couple loads of laundry, vacuuming the main floor of the house, cleaning the whole bathroom, and trying on a bunch of Jacob's clothes to see what still fit him or what new stuff might be ready to enter the rotation.

It felt great to get some long-overdue tasks done--including finally putting away Jacob's potty.  I had been meaning to do that for weeks but just never got around to wiping it down and putting it away.  He still used it 99% of the time at home, even though he's totally fine with regular toilets everywhere else.  I'm tired of dumping it and rinsing it out, and he seemed to linger on the potty much longer than when he used a regular toilet, so that bit of procrastination is hopefully done now.  I am not sorry to see that thing go.  It's been living in our bathroom since around his second birthday, and it's nice to reclaim that floor space.  I think he feels like an extra big boy without it, so that's nice, too. 

My parents come into town for the afternoon.  They did some geocaching along the way, then spent the afternoon hanging out in and around the pool with Jacob.  We had a lovely dinner with them, then headed out to utilize a buy-one-get-one-free Blizzard coupon at our new Dairy Queen after my parents left.  I had plenty of chances to relax this weekend, but I also did a lot and I am beat!  I should just go to bed but I have some laundry to fold. 

Still, the end of the summer has come and we only went to a few baseball games, only went mini-golfing once, still didn't get to an amusement park, didn't go to our local spray park (though Jacob went with daycare), and we didn't spend as much time as we should in the pool.  I didn't hang out on my front porch, didn't ride my bike enough, and didn't spend quiet nights on our patio enjoying the sounds of nature.  One of my favorite things to do in past summers was go out for an evening swim.  That didn't happen this year, probably for fear of mosquitoes.  I didn't take Jacob to enough playgrounds or on enough wagon rides or big wheel rides.  I can't take all the blame for that, however--Jacob's pretty into his other sports and convincing him to do anything else is tough.  We didn't go to any festivals or lawn fetes.  We didn't have picnics or run through sprinklers.  We only spent one short spell at the beach, and didn't go on a "real" vacation.  We had a great few days with my family in Massachusetts, but the usual week in some interesting locale with lots of sightseeing stops just didn't happen.  We have Disney coming up in November, so it's not a major deal, but summer is unique and I always regret not using enough of my vacation days while the weather is nice.  I didn't take off a few days to spend at home, either, so our Goodwill donations are still not documented, our carpet is still not ordered, and our dishwasher and ceiling fan still need a repair person. 

But ahead are pumpkin patches and leaf piles, apple cider and Halloween, fall foliage and earth tone decor, crunchy apples and warm apple pie, a trip to Florida and Thanksgiving dinner(s).  The pressure to be outside doing something fun will reduce, and jeans and hoodie weather will return.  The worst part of fall is that it is followed by winter, but all of the stuff in between is pretty darn fun.  I'll regret what we didn't do this summer, but for once I'm excited for the months to come.  Stay tuned for full documentation of the fun...

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