Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Random notes

I hope everyone out there had a good weekend. It turned out to be a busier weekend than I had anticipated. I had some spur-of-the-moment company on Saturday when my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mark made a random trip to Rochester. Luckily my day was free and I got to spend time with them (and my cousin Lori, who was headed over to my house anyway, before they even showed up). The baby even survived its first garbage plate! Then on Sunday and Monday we had to head back to Buffalo for a funeral on Craig's side (a great aunt). While it's not a great reason to have to go there and miss work, it was nice to have a couple bonus days with Craig. He's got a busy week ahead of him, so the extra couple days were nice.

The belly is getting bigger every day, it seems. One of these days I'll have to post a picture again. It's really looking like a pregnant belly now, pretty round and sticking directly out from my otherwise normal-sized body. I've definitely got the basketball thing going on. Not complaining. I'm very appreciative of the fact that my face, hips and everything else have stayed relatively the same size as they were before. As I've mentioned, it's a little tough to tell since I can't wear any of my old clothes to compare, but I did wear a skirt yesterday that was maybe a tiny bit more snug in the thighs than it used to be, but that could just be because I had to wear it slightly differently than in the past. But that it fit at all is all that matters, right?

The baby's been keeping the painful positioning to a minimum in the last few days...not too much jamming into my ribs or staying in a particular area for too long...but there are still moments where I can tell it's put all of its weight into one area or another, and that can still get a little uncomfortable, depending on where the pressure is focused. I noticed a little assymmetry of my belly a few times over the weekend as the baby moved around...still nothing noticeable unless you're really looking, though. People are probably thinking I'm nuts, though, because I rub my belly a LOT. Sometimes it's just something to do with my hands, to check on the baby's position or something, but a lot of the time it's when I feel a body part (still unidentifiable) push out and I want to see if I can figure out what it is. I've also been doing it to cover up obvious movement, so people don't get too creeped out if they happen to see it. I suppose I also do it because it's just that freakin' crazy how big my belly is, and I almost have to feel it to believe it's there!

That's about it for today, unfortunately. The baby is jamming me in the side so it's pushing my arm out of its normal typing position, so that must be my sign to quit for today! Catch ya later!


Anonymous said...

I bet you are so excited :o) I think it would be entertaining to constantly have something moving around in your belly and wonder what lump is what.

AmyRyb said...

It is pretty entertaining...I'm always wondering what's really going on in there! Just a few minutes ago I swear the baby was laying completely sideways because I could feel hard areas on both sides of my stomach. Silly baby, you don't fit in that direction!