Monday, April 28, 2008

The first shower...

Well, my first shower was a success. It was a pretty low-key affair, which was just fine with me. While it's always fun to have a lot of people get together to celebrate you (especially in my family), I suppose it wasn't such a bad thing to work me back into this shower thing gradually. My mom did a really great job with everything. Look how nice the table looked:

The greenery spread around the table is little pots of Baby Tears wrapped in pink and blue "diapers". And those roses in the center were gorgeous...I'm still enjoying three of them at home now.

Since there weren't a ton of people, the gift pile may not look that impressive in the picture below, but believe me, there was a lot there. And the best news? It all fit in my (rental) car so one complete load of gifts is officially at our house. The best news out of the gifts is that we got the pack 'n' play, so if I were to have the baby tomorrow (God forbid), at least it would have somewhere to sleep. Thanks again to everyone for their gifts...and my goal is to at least start these thank you notes before the list gets extra long this weekend after shower #2.

Other than the pack 'n' play's functionality, I was most excited to get the crib set, our beloved Snoopy and Family set that my mom had to track down online because it was discontinued. It is so stinkin' cute, and at least it brings me into the mindset of decorating a nursery. I still can't do much without furniture, but hopefully we'll make some progress on that sometime soon. At least I have a color reference now. And it makes me smile just looking at it, so that's nice to have around the house, too.

Unfortunately I don't have any good pictures of me in my really cool dress that I wore for the occasion, but considering I have two months left and will probably abuse that dress during that time, I'm sure it'll pop up here eventually. All in all it was a really nice afternoon and I just want to thank everyone again for everything.

Now I just need to psyche myself up for this weekend's rather large shower with Craig's side of the family. The Knighthawks lost on Saturday, which was rather sad, but I will look on the bright side and enjoy the fact that I will see Craig for the majority of 3 of the next 4 weekends, including having him around for this shower. Based on the gifts we got this past weekend, we're definitely going to have to pick and choose what comes home with us this time. But the more we get, the more I think we'll really get mentally prepared for this baby. It may be overwhelming, but it's all part of the process...

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