Saturday, April 19, 2008

Class Report...

As I mentioned earlier in the week, we had another baby class on Thursday. It was Baby's First Year. It was ok. It was a much smaller group than the last class...I guess people figured that if they had the newborn stuff down, the first year must be easy :) There was a guy in there that will be taking classes 1 and 2 in the May cycle whose wife has been on bedrest since 24 weeks. She's still got another month or so to go. Yikes. I can't even imagine. The young single mom was there again, and we're pretty convinced that she's young. Maybe not teenager young, but early 20s young. She was sucking on a lollipop this time, which may have helped the young image, but wow...that girl's got quite the life ahead of her.

Class started with another video, this one about caring for your growing baby. Nothing really fascinating, but there were a bunch of cute babies in the video, which made all of us smile. Of course, then they ruined it by talking about kids and discipline, and showing some bratty toddlers. Can't we just pretend our kids are going to be perfect angels? We ended up talking about how to know and what to do when your baby gets sick, about vaccinations, a little about daycare, switching to solid foods, first aid, and things like that. Probably the most humorous part of the class was looking around when we started talking about taking the baby's temperature rectally. I think a lot of people have not-so-fun memories of that from when we were kids (did they even have ear thermometers back then?), and the thought of it now isn't all that there were a lot of funny faces during that discussion. We also discussed that plastic chemical that's supposedly leaching out of baby bottles. I feel bad that I've registered for bottles that have that chemical (I think there's only one brand that doesn't have it, and the Playtex drop-ins are better (but do I want to keep buying those? Not really.), but I'm not going the glass route), but here's the thing...and not to make light of the issue...but haven't there been millions of babies that have used these same bottles and turned out ok? I don't know.

The class as a whole was a lot more laid back than the other one, and less annoying since I didn't have the frustration of the totally unrealistic fake baby. That was my one comment on the class survey, that they need to get better babies in that class. That really ruined it for me, that I could have taken one of my rock-hard baby dolls from when I was a kid and had the same experience. At least get soft ones, or get a set of parents to loan their baby for a couple hours so we could see things done to a real baby...the instructor's a nurse, so the baby would be in good hands. I'd probably offer ours up six months down the road if I could take the classes for free now, you know? It's all for a good cause :)

I am looking forward to taking the real first class in a few weeks, the Getting Ready for Baby portion. I think that will be helpful for filling in any holes on our registry (after 2 of 3 showers, but that's ok) and making sure we've got what we need. There might be some handy tips and tricks we'll pick up, or at least I hope so.

I hope everyone in the Buffalo-Rochester area has been enjoying the great weather this weekend...and now that I have a pair of shorts, so can I. :)

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