Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Word of advice...

Just a quick bit of advice for any women out there who are or sometime plan to be pregnant:

Beware of buffets.

The good news is that you don't have to feel crazy guilty for overeating a bit. You still have to be careful, of course, but I decided tonight while looking around that as long as my butt still fits completely on the seat, I'm ok. The second it doesn't, no more buffets for me. And yes, I was looking at someone specifically when I made came to that conclusion. A whole table of someones, actually.

However...why beware? Well...let's just say that when you're a normal person, the skin around your stomach has some give. But when you're pregnant, most of that give has been taken over by the baby. So...if you eat a lot, prepare for your stomach to be tight. I'm not even particularly stuffed (I definitely could have eaten more...pregnancy is so crazy sometimes), but man, right now my stomach is really sticking out and the skin is super tight. Wow.

Thank goodness it's Chinese food, though, because I'm sure I won't be full for long :)

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