Monday, April 7, 2008

Sorry for the long break...

...but I meant to post over the weekend and never got around to it. It was a full couple days, that's for sure. Off to Buffalo Friday night, Toronto with Craig most of the day Saturday, and some quality time with my parents yesterday. It was a good, quality weekend with great weather...but I think it tired me out more than I thought, because I am beat today. I fell asleep on the couch last night by the time Craig got home from the Amerks game, and did a little tossing and turning last night (sleeping is getting a little tough these days), so I'm sure that didn't help either. Add on that I've got a TON of work (annoying stuff, too, which doesn't happen a lot) and today is really not a fun day. I'd much rather be sitting out in the beautiful sunny weather taking a nap, you know?

I did get to see quite a few family members while I was in town, so that was nice. Judging by their reactions, I've gotten quite a bit bigger just in the two weeks since Easter. I probably could have guessed that, because I've really been noticing how much my belly projects now, but sometimes it all starts to run together. And like I've said many times, it all depends on what I wear from day to day. In any event, I'm big enough now that random people were coming up to me and my parents after church congratulating yeah, it's that obvious. The good news is that everyone (family and friends) are complimenting me on how good I look. I guess it's a relief that my body hasn't totally spazzed out yet, though like I said a couple times yesterday, we'll see what happens when I actually have to push this baby out of my guarantees until I've actually done that!

Working out is getting harder seemingly every week, but I'm going to keep trying. Of course, our first round of baby education starts this week, and it's right after my usual weekly class, so I'm not sure I'll be able to pull class off for the next couple weeks...which could be bad news for trying to go back to class beyond that. We have a bit of a convoluted class schedule, but by the end we'll have 6 hours of infant care classes and 8 hours of childbirth classes (including the hospital tour and all that). Once a week, two hours in the evening each time. We have one week where the classes overlap, but I don't think it will be too bad. We're really starting from scratch, so those classes should be really helpful. Hopefully it will give me something interesting to blog about for a change :)

One last funny story for today...Last week I was waiting to get on the elevator here at work, and another girl walked up to wait. She looked pregnant, and finally a guy came up to wait as well, and said something like, "Both of you, eh?" We smiled and then he said something about it being in the air or water...and she confirmed it with there being three pregnant women on her floor and me mentioning the four on mine (plus one wife of a co-worker). We chatted a bit about due dates and finding out the sex before the elevator got to my floor, but it just confirmed yet again that there are a TON of pregnant women out there right now. I don't think it's just the age, either, because I'm hearing about it all over the place, from all ages of people...people going to parties and being outnumbed by pregnant women, things like that. Who knows if it's the time of year or what...but it's pretty crazy. And I'm sure that as the layers come off with the arrival of spring, I'll be seeing more and more pregnant women out there in the world...

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