Monday, April 21, 2008


Well, had a bit of a scare today. More mental than anything, but still. I got into a little fender bender on my way to work (long story short--stop and go traffic...your usual being the rear-ender), my first ever accident. Luckily I wasn't going that fast, but let's face it--accidents are never good. I'm feeling tremendously blessed, however.

My car had some damage to the front end--a bent hood, scratched up bumper, broken grill, leaking antifreeze--but luckily that was the worst of it (that we know of so far). The car I hit only had scratches and a crack on the bumper. So, that could have been worse (even if the actual accident probably wasn't as bad as my car looked). The woman I hit was incredibly friendly. She was extra worried when she saw I was pregnant, and was just really understanding about the whole thing. She works in the insurance industry, so she gets that this stuff happens all the time. All of us were fine, including the baby. My seatbelt was placed well and the jolt wasn't really that bad, so I really felt no ill-effects. The baby moved as usual all day, and since I didn't have any symptoms of problems, the doctor said I could forego the usual four hours of monitoring (!) that they'd usually do after something like this. I have an appointment on Wednesday anyway, so I guess they can double check things then. Even something as simple as the weather being beautiful while we were getting things sorted out was a IS April in Rochester, after all. It could have been miserable, but instead it was 70 and sunny.

All of this made me think about how much worse it could have been, from something serious happening to me or the baby, to it happening after the baby was born and having the baby in the car, or there being a baby in the other car (the woman said she had a baby not too long ago), or the people in the other car being hurt. The other car could have been full of nasty people who would have stressed me out. It makes driving again a scary thought, because something like this makes you realize how quickly things can change. Having a baby does indeed change everything, in more ways than you ever realize.

Thank God today was just a minor incident in the grand scheme of things and the baby is still safely inside kicking me like crazy. Definitely counting my blessings...

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