Friday, April 18, 2008

A much better day...

Well, today was much better than yesterday. I was sitting at my desk feeling very blessed this afternoon. Why? Well...

- I finished the project at work that tortured me all day yesterday.
- I got to eat a lot of good food at a farewell party at work.
- I slacked off a bit this afternoon, for probably one of the first times ever since I've been at this job. We had cake as a "part 2" of the farewell party, and I ended up chatting with some of my co-workers for a while, mostly about pregnancy and kids, which was interesting and fun. I know slacking off is bad, but bonding with co-workers is good, and honestly, I've been on my own at work all week, with no one on my side of the office to talk to...I needed interaction.
- Craig sent me roses to make sure I had a good day today, and my co-workers are in awe that he sent them for something other than an anniversary or an apology. I have a really awesome husband.
- The weather was phenomenal...and it's supposed to be again tomorrow!
- I'm nearly seven months into this pregnancy and all is well.
- Craig's on the road for the weekend, which isn't so fun, but I have a full list of things to keep myself productive...and I like productive weekends. Just tonight I cleaned out most of the stuff from the baby's closet and found temporary homes for my summer clothes.

I will say the the summer clothes thing was a little sobering. I still look pretty good, so I was thinking pretty positively about how my body was reacting to all of this...and hoping it bodes well for the future. Well...I tried on a handful of my summer clothes to see if I could make anything work (and save myself from buying any elements of my summer maternity wardrobe). Well...dumb idea. I knew things wouldn't fit right, but I didn't expect sleeves to be tight. And while I knew my shorts, capris and skirts were a no-go at the waistline, I was surprised by how tight they were in the thighs and hips...which means that those parts have expanded without me noticing. I guess maybe that's why God makes the belly get so you don't notice as much when other things expand as well. I think this was the first time in a while where I really considered the fact that my hips may never go back to where they were, and many of those clothes won't fit me ever again. Weight is one thing, bones are another. Bummer.

I can't let this stuff bug me, though, because I know I look fine. I've done everything I can to keep myself looking good, so I just have to be content with that. Let's just hope my shopping trip tomorrow goes well and I can find some shorts or capris, so I don't swelter the next time the weather gets this warm! Warm weather is a good problem to have in April :)

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