Friday, March 28, 2008

What's in a name?

My mom put in a request that I talk about baby names. We haven't officially decided on names yet, but we have a couple front-runners with some backups in mind. I'm not going to reveal them here, however. I may tell close family near the end when (if) we're 100% settled, but we shall see.

Craig is probably more settled on them than I am, because I have a couple reservations when it comes to the front runners. My reservation with the boy's name is a popularity issue...that it's too high on the baby name lists. My reservation with the girl's name is that it's a little long and doesn't have a simple nickname to shorten it.

The frustrating thing about all of this is that we never thought we'd be in the position to go back and forth over names. We settled on baby names way back when we were first dating. It wasn't one of those creepy "it's too early to discuss this" conversations, though...we just sort of fell into it. And right then and there we settled on names. the meantime, someone stole our boy's name and pretty much wrecked it for me. The girl's name ended up getting really popular, and I have more of an issue giving a girl a popular name than a boy. I'm not sure why, but I think it's because boys fall into nicknames easier and are less competitive anyway, so it's less of a potential for a complex later on if the boy is one of a few in his class with the same name. But again...the popularity thing is my one reservation for the boy's name, so it still does bother me a bit.

We still have a few months to get past any issues and decide for sure what we want. It's a big decision and we don't want to saddle our first child with a name that could eventually lead to ridicule. We know of a couple examples where initials or nicknames that other people have left their kids with could be trouble down the road, and we'd really like to avoid that. For that reason alone we'll probably have to let a few people in on the secret before the baby's born, just to make sure we're not missing anything. We shall see...but sorry, for now, no name news :)

In other news, however...another month, another doctor's appointment. I will now be going every two weeks, until the last month, when it's every week. Hard to believe I'm hitting that milestone already! Anyway, all was well with the baby, so that's good. Heartbeat was good, and once again the doctor specifically mentioned how active the baby was. Considering I've had many different people say that, I'm starting to get nervous that this baby is going to be hyper! Maybe they say that to everyone, but seriously...the ultrasound tech, at least two doctors...yikes. I guess it's good, least I know the baby's in there and doing ok! I did find out that I'm just slightly anemic (the cutoff is 35, I'm a 34), so I do have to start taking an iron supplement. Unfortunately, it's a little more complicated than just popping another pill in the morning. I have to take the iron at night with some juice, because vitamin C aids in absorption, while calcium hinders it. So considering I take a prenatal vitamin and have a bowl of cereal with milk each morning, that's not the best time to take it. Before bed is the only good option, so hopefully that becomes an easy routine. I just wish iron was in more foods I like so this wouldn't be an issue in the first place. Oh well. Small price to pay.

Have a nice weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I'm slightly anemic also and I take an iron supplement that has Vitamin C in it so that kinda cancels out the orange juice thing. I don't know if you've noticed this, but they give me the worst tasting burps!