Friday, April 11, 2008

Finally another picture :)

Voila...the latest picture of me. Yep, the belly's getting bigger...practically every day it seems. Sometimes I catch a view of myself in the mirror and it freaks me out all over again. It's really ok, but it's really crazy to see. I think it was just a week or two ago that I noticed that my stomach was out past my chest, and as you can see, it's moved quite a bit beyond that now.

I had a challenging evening tonight, another round of clothes shopping. I was settling into my winter stuff nicely, and now I get to go through this all over again. I did relatively well, but it definitely left me with some issues heading into warmer weather. I am having trouble finding a happy medium between a cute fitted t-shirt and something shapeless that makes me feel like a blimp. See, it gets a little more challenging with shorts, because there's all sorts of proportion issues...namely finding a shirt that doesn't make your shorts disappear. Tight shirts at least make me feel like I still have a shape (even if it's mostly round), but they look weird in the hip region because they're long and clingy. But there's a lot of other shirts out there that are shapeless and make me look so much bigger than I am. My other issue is skirts. I LOVE skirts in the summer. However, I can't figure out what kind of top to wear with skirts that doesn't look weird...again because of the proportion issue but also because skirts tend to flare, and so do most maternity shirts...and that just looks weird. So on those fronts I'm a little stuck. I also still need to find shoes that I can wear with my longer pants (or shorter pants--no luck on that yet). However, I did get a couple dresses, a pair of capris for work, a few shirts, and a couple tank tops (yeah, it hurt to buy all that in one night, but if you find it and it's reasonable, you might as well get it). It was a challenge, though. I'm beat, so I'm going to bed now :)

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