Thursday, April 24, 2008

More than he was expecting...

Since my car is out of commission and I had to wait until today to get my rental (to give me enough time to have it for the weekend), Craig had to drive me to yesterday's scheduled doctor's appointment. For those of you wondering, everything is officially ok with me and the baby after Monday's accident. Everything seemed fine then, since I never felt any stress to my belly, my blood pressure was normal, and the baby was moving around just fine. Since I didn't have any negative symptoms, the doctor's office just told me to keep an eye out for anything strange. Believe me, four hours of monitoring was the last thing I needed this week! So, we're all good there.

Anyway, Craig hadn't been to any of my routine visits. He wasn't missing much, other than hearing the baby's heartbeat for those 30 seconds each visit. This time, he got more than he bargained for. In addition to hearing the heart, the doctor had him feel the top of my uterus (through the skin, of course) and press down firmly but carefully on my lower belly and feel the baby's head. He was a little freaked out by it all, but it was definitely an interesting experience for him. We were told that the head was in my lower left abdomen, which made me guess that the two bumps that I feel protruding from my belly a good chunk of the time are the butt and shoulders, instead of the butt and head. Still just a guess, of course, though you'd think I could figure out what's kicking me where, for all the moving the baby does. Oh, and yes...yet another doctor told me how active the baby is. As if I didn't know it already...but again...should I be worried that this baby is going to have endless amounts of energy? Yikes!

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