Thursday, April 3, 2008

Human Punching Bag

I'm feeling a bit like a human punching bag today...only the punching is coming from the inside! The baby has been moving a TON all day. Most of it has been on my right side, as usual, but it's been pretty constant. There have been short spurts where the baby will settle into a certain position for a while, but generally that hasn't been comfortable right now where it feels like something's trapped way on my side. A couple times it felt like the baby was trying to crawl its way out of my belly, through the skin. As I've said before, it's not really painful as much as it's just uncomfortable. It can be entertaining to watch my belly move like there's some sort of alien in there, though. I remember back a couple months ago where I was dying to feel movement, and I knew that at some point I'd be kicking myself because all that movement can get uncomfortable. It is still nice to know that the baby is in there and doing ok, though. I guess that's the trade-off.

I've been noticing in the past few days little signs of why pregnant women are so ready to just have the baby by the time the 9th month rolls around. I know that my little issues are nothing compared to how I'll be feeling by then, but I just keep getting glimpses of it. Like when I try to get off the couch and it takes a couple tries. Or when I'm trying to put socks on and have to use an alternate method than the one I've used for the previous 20-some years. Or when I try to lay on my side to sleep or relax (the only option when pregnant) and STILL can't get comfortable because of where the baby is hanging out. Not to mention all of this movement. It's not waking me up yet, thank goodness, but I'm sure that's just around the corner. The frequent bathroom breaks aren't too fun either. Yesterday I went before I left work, and spent about 45 minutes driving and doing a couple errands before I had to pee so badly that I was practically rushing out of my last stop so I could just get home. And there are times where 10 min. after I go, I feel like I could again...but mentally I know I can probably wait. It's better when I'm sitting...walking seems to trigger it. But I'm slowly starting to see why full-term women are so uncomfortable and so ready to just get the baby out...can't wait until that's me in the middle of what is sure to be the hottest June on record! ;-)

But really, I know I've had it easy thus far, so I suppose I'm due for some discomfort. Beats the heck out of three months of puking.

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