Thursday, April 10, 2008

A busier schedule...

It seems that now that we're into the last three months of this process, things get a little crazier. Aside from all of the nursery stuff (that we haven't done anything for yet--although, other than maybe painting and clearing the rest of the stuff out, there isn't much we can do until after my showers), there's now a steady stream of things to take care of. I have doctor's appointments every two weeks, our child care classes start tonight, and we still have to take care of visiting potential pediatricians (on the radar, at least) and daycares (waiting on some info, but not really jumping head first). Lots to do. Craig's schedule should ease up a bit after the next few weekends, unless the Knighthawks get a lot of help from other teams and make the playoffs. Just in the last few days Craig has had lots of craziness with his job...there's a decent chance (barring some extra crazy happenings) that he'll have a greatly reduced schedule this summer, which will be really nice. It could be just one sport, six roadtrips and 12 games total. It still sounds like a lot to jam into 3-4 months, but it's better than all of that plus 20 additional home games. He needs the break and I'm sure I will need the help! I think the next step is moving the other bed out of the baby's room and donating it to charity. It's old, and we don't have a lot of extra space to store it anyway. I guess we'll only be able to accommodate one guest in a real bed, and any others will have to deal with the air mattress. Sorry to any of our future visitors...but that bed wasn't that comfortable anyway. No idea if we're going to paint or put up a border in the baby's room. I still can't quite visualize it all, but maybe once we have some furniture to put in there it will help get things moving. I do need to clean out the closet in there as well, though that's coming as soon as I get around to seeing if any of my summer clothes have any shot at fitting me...and if not, I may just have to move them into my closet anyway and do wholesale switches each season. Yikes!

Anyway...I did have a doctor's appointment today, and all went well as usual. Tonight is newborn care class, which should be interesting. I will hopefully have some fun goodies to report on that soon. And I will post a picture of me soon, too, I promise!

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