Thursday, April 17, 2008

The hospital

It's sort of funny to me that I can see the hospital where I'm going to have the baby from my desk. I can look out the window directly in my line of sight (yeah, the picture above is what I can be very distracting at times) and see the hospital nestled among a patch of trees. It's just funny knowing that I will be there in a couple months or so, working harder in one day than maybe all the energy I've exerted at this desk in the entire year and a half I've been sitting here (and I do work hard, I swear). And wouldn't it be interesting if I could see my building from my hospital room? While I have no illusions that being in the hospital is going to be any sort of vacation, I'm still hoping that I'll be happier to be there (for obvious reasons) than just spending another day at my desk. I generally really like my job, so that's saying something. Today, however, has been a rough day at work and as a result I think I had my first real case of pregnancy hormone-induced insanity this morning. Really annoying project sort of got the best of me for a little while. An unrelated conference call and a late lunch have hopefully cleansed me a bit. We shall see when I try again in a few minutes.

Speaking of the hospital, tonight is child care class #2, Baby's First Year. We're interested to see what they teach us, because honestly, isn't the newborn stuff the trickiest? We figure they'll cover solid foods and childproofing and maybe some "next step" type stuff from last week, like making sure their diaper keeps fitting right as they grow or transitioning them into the big bathtub. But beyond that, we're stumped. I am hoping that maybe they'll talk about sickness, like when to call the doctor and things like that. Maybe daycare? Who knows...but again, we're clueless, so any little bit helps. Hopefully a report tomorrow...

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