Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kids at heart

Yesterday reminded me yet again how lucky I am to have Craig. As much as I wish he worked less and all that, he's still a great husband. And, assuming he can maintain some flexibility with his job and all of the craziness that's been going on there for the past few months doesn't stress him out too much (when paired up with parental responsibilities), he should be a great father. Part of the reason why is because he's still a bit of a kid himself.

Yesterday was a prime example. Craig was having a field day playing this game online. A year or two ago he discovered Lego Star Wars, the video game that recreates the Star Wars movies with Legos. Then he found out that they were coming out with Lego Indiana Jones, to coincide with the release of the next Indy sequel this year. He's been excited about it ever since, and found a game on the Lego website that uses a Lego Indiana Jones as its main character. It's a Super Mario-esque game, and we had a blast when we first discovered it. We got through the first two levels, only to find out that the last two were still "Coming Soon". Months later, the last two levels were finally released, and it was so funny to listen to Craig playing it over the phone yesterday afterhours at work. He got such a kick out of Indy riding his Lego horse, or the bad guys throwing Germans out of the back of their Jeep to throw Indy off track. It was really cute. While watching him play the game later, it struck me just how much fun he's going to have as a father, reliving a lot of his childhood experiences through our kids. Obviously boys will be more conducive to that, but he'd adjust to a girl somehow as well...even if it's just playing with her stuffed animals and giving them voices. Heck, he entertains me with that stuff right now. Anyone who's been around our house knows about our stuffed moose collection, and Craig can make me laugh just by pulling one down from the top of the couch and bringing it to life. I do worry a bit that he's going to be the "cool" parent, that he'll be the one the kids want reading them their bedtime stories because he can do funny voices, but I suppose that as long as I get to watch, that's ok too. Thankfully, we've both got our kid side, and I'm thinking we'll definitely need it in the years to come!

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