Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Not much has changed with Jacob's fussiness, though we did actually get him into bed without him crying last night. He started up about five minutes later, however. Tough to say if it has something to do with his medicine, the bronchiolitis itself, a growth spurt, or just some general change in his perception of the world. It's just a bummer because it came out of nowhere after weeks of great bed behavior--going to bed without incident AND sleeping through the night. He was up at 6am this morning, which was ok but earlier than usual. Again, I know we've been lucky for so long so it's tough to complain, but it does take some readjusting. Other than the bed issues he's still a pretty happy guy. We still get plenty of smiles and he doesn't seem too bothered by gas these days. He is actually on a pretty regular streak as far as BMs are concerned...three in two days late last week and three in two days between yesterday and today (two at day care--finally they get some of the fun!). It makes for much easier cleanups when he goes more frequently, that's for sure! I still can't tell if the expensive formula makes a difference for him or not. I guess we'll have to keep watching until this can runs out.

He had his first "school pictures" taken yesterday. I guess it's good because we hadn't gone to get any formal ones done elsewhere. Is it really necessary in this age of digital? I don't know. But apparently they got him smiling and a couple people told me he looked really cut and we'll have a lot to choose from. I can't wait to see them.

I forgot to mention (because I only figured it out the other day) that Jacob has now doubled his birth weight. He clocked in at 13 lbs. 10 oz. on Saturday, which is officially double 6 lbs. 13 oz. Crazy. Some days I can definitely tell, but others he still seems like this little tiny baby. We're slowly transitioning into size 2 diapers and eventually I'll get around to putting away most of his 0-3 month clothes. Some still fit, but things like Gerber onesies (traditionally run small) haven't fit well for a while. Just as well since it's getting too cold for his summer clothes anyway. Such a shame, because they were really cute :) He's also outgrown a bunch of socks with those giant feet of his. Scary to think we'll have to start getting shoes for those monsters sometime soon. Despite bulking up a bit, I think he's still probably a pretty skinny baby. He hasn't quite gotten that baby chubbiness yet, particularly around the waist (though I LOVE his belly!) because most pants are still big on him. Most sleeves, however, seem short. It's so weird how you can look at him and know he's grown, but that you really have to sit and think about it...otherwise he doesn't seem that different from the tiny baby we brought home! You just don't notice the changes as they're happening. But yep, I guess he really is a lot bigger than the little peanut I sat there feeding all the time in the hospital! Jacob's also on the verge of becoming the "big boy" in his room at day care...eventually the babies move up to the next room, and there's still one ahead of him who's over five months old. But he's supposed to be moving up soon and Jacob will become the oldest. Crazy, since it doesn't seem like that long ago that we were visiting that room the week before I went back to work and he was so small compared to the other babies. I can hardly believe it's been almost five months since we toured the place all the way back in May. That doesn't seem like it was an entire summer ago! Time flies!

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