Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Things

Jacob has picked up some new habits in the last few days. I'm sure I'll be saying that pretty much every week at one point or another for months and months to come, but it's just amazing to see him pick up new abilities out of the blue.

A few days ago I caught him craning his neck trying to see out of his carrier. It's now a full body craning, which Craig refers to as Jacob working his abs :) I think it's more of a curiosity thing than him wanting to actually get out of the carrier, but I'm sure that's not that far down the road. For now he's still pretty content in there unless he's cranky and wanting some attention.

Last night we noticed Jacob actually grabbing for the toys on his baby gym. He'd swatted at them a bunch before, and seemed to get more coordinated in that effort in the last few weeks, but last night he was actually grabbing things and holding them for a bit. He even got the music to play once (you have to push a big orange button on one of the fish toys) and Craig swears that Jacob did it on purpose, actually holding it and pressing the button.

Last night he was also talking up a storm! His noises have been getting cuter and more frequent in the past few weeks, but last night a couple times he got really vocal and was making a wide variety of noises for a significant period of time. They were hilarious! It was almost as if he knew exactly what he was saying and was trying to have a normal conversation with us...complete with intonation, facial expressions and a variety of sounds. It was so funny and extra adorable since he was smiling and bright-eyed for the whole "conversation".

One of my least favorite new habits has to do with this whole rolling over thing. When he's in his crib he tends to roll on his side a lot and he sometimes buries his face in the mattress. I'm not sure what purpose the face burying serves for him (maybe he thinks it'll feed him?), but it makes me incredibly nervous. I just don't want him rolling, getting stuck, and inadvertently blocking his airways. I usually listen to the monitor like a hawk when he's falling asleep, in case any of his noises sound panicked or muffled. Chances are he'll be fine, but it scares the crap out of me.

Jacob is back to waking up fairly early (if not in the middle of the night--though this morning he did make it to 6am). I think now it's basically the result of his cough waking him up and while he's awake he decides he's hungry. In case I hadn't mentioned it yet, we just have to wait this cough out. It usually takes a while to go away after bronchiolitis, unfortunately. It pains me all night every time I hear him cough...both because I hate to hear him have to go through that and because I'm worried he's going to start crying and one of us (or both) will have to get up...and man, I'm tired these days as it is! At least he's going to sleep happier these days...and I know he can't help it at this point when he does wake up. I just worry about when we have to draw the line and let him cry it out so he doesn't get in the habit of getting fed in the middle of night. Tough call.

Still, he's such an awesome kid and I can't help but smile every time I think about him. We are truly blessed.

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