Friday, October 3, 2008


We (Craig, me, and day care) have been noticing that Jacob is becoming more and more aware of his surroundings. I think he's officially discovered his hands, because he's taken to sucking on his fist a lot. He wraps one hand around the other fist, and basically sucks on the first finger at the top of the fist. It's sort of funny to see, and very funny to hear. I can't decide how I feel about the hand sucking, since it's a bad habit...but these days I'm all for anything that seems to soothe him, and that does it, at least for a bit. I also noticed the other day that he's finally seeing the animal mobile above his swing. For the longest time we tried to get him to look at the four animals that hang above the swing, and he never seemed impressed. But all of a sudden the other day I noticed him absolutely transfixed by them. It was actually really cute. Someone at cay care commented how he's becoming more aware of things, too. Supposedly he had full on baby conversation with one of the other boys there...exchanging baby noises like a normal conversation. Would have loved to see that!

Last night Jacob went down without a fight, though he had practically fallen asleep eating prior to that so I suppose he was too tired to bother. However, he started crying a bit at 1:30am...ugh. I waited it out and eventually he fell back to sleep. I knew he couldn't be THAT starving at that point, considering he's easily made it at least twice as long overnight before. However, he started up again around 4:30am, and after waiting as long as I could, I decided I was better off getting up and feeding him a bit so we could both get some sleep. I gave him ten minutes on one side and tried to switch him over, but he was apparently too tired to go on. That's another new trend, by the way--getting too tired after one side to bother with the other. He's almost never done that, but he's done it a lot this week. Anyway, I put him back down but he started crying a few minutes later, at which point I sent Craig in. No sense putting all the burden on me if he wasn't just hungry. Still, neither of us got much sleep after that point.

I theorized while I was laying there awake that maybe Jacob isn't sleeping through the night anymore because he's getting healthier. He's had that cough for over a month now, the one that we now know was due to the bronchiolitis. We're still giving him the inhaler a couple times a day (though not before bed, in case that was making him more hyper) because there's still a lot of congestion in there, but it sounds as if it's breaking up some. The cough isn't as frequent and he seems to be getting more out of his nose, so we're hopeful we're on the downside. So anyway, I was thinking that maybe his illness had been making him extra tired, and now that he's getting better, maybe he's back to being a "normal" baby...which I suppose means he wakes up once in a while. I'm still thinking it's probably a growth spurt, because they hit one at three months and it can disrupt sleep and all that. Let's hope it's just temporary.

In any event, I'm glad it's the weekend. A couple days with him will be nice, and my parents are coming in to visit for a couple days. They're going to be playing the role of day care providers on Monday, which will be an interesting experience for them. While I'm sure they'll do fine, it's probably been a while since they've had an entire day alone with a baby! I'm sure they'll have fun, though. I'm a bit jealous, actually!

Off to enjoy the weekend!

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