Friday, October 31, 2008

Jacob's First Halloween

Well, it didn't go exactly as planned, but Jacob's first Halloween is in the books! We got a head start yesterday with the photo session I had been planning, with the "Jacob-sized pumpkin" and our jack o' lantern. Good thing I did this in the morning, because the clothes were out of commission by the afternoon, thanks to Jacob's first blowout in a while...thankfully it was at daycare, and thankfully Mommy's stain removal worked hopefully any future siblings can enjoy this shirt as well...

He wore his Halloween outfit yesterday because today was "Ira Sleeps Over" Day at day care. I don't know if it was an effort to get everyone off the hook of "keeping up with the Joneses' Halloween costumes" or what, but everyone was supposed to dress in their PJs today for a special day with the book "Ira Sleeps Over". I know it was around when I was a kid but I can't for the life of me remember it. Anyway, Jacob just wore a sleep 'n' play because I wasn't sure how he'd do in his sleep sack all day. Today was also his last day in the little infant room. Next week he moves up with the bigger kids. He may start learning all sorts of new things now that he'll be with babies that can sit up, crawl, eat solid food, and whatever else. He's been with some of these kids before, when he was the little guy in the room. They've all moved up and now he gets to join them. It was weird saying goodbye to his teacher this, "Thanks for everything!" What else do you say? He should still have the same caretaker in the late afternoons, so that's good...they seem to get along well and I like talking to her, too. She's due with her first baby in January, so she won't be around for that much longer, but I'll be happy if she's still with Jacob to help him transition in for now. Hard to believe we'll be going to a different room on Monday!
Tonight we went to the Amerks game. It was either stay home and hide in the dark, stay home and try to give out candy despite nursing every couple hours, or go to the game and let Jacob wear his costume for a bit. The game wasn't very well attended (duh, it's halloween) and Jacob didn't exactly love his costume. I think part of the problem was that it was so warm today...which was awesome...but not so awesome when your costume is thick and furry. We still managed to walk around for a bit and say hi to Daddy, but we didn't really get around to trick-or-treating in the suites or anything. We did get a picture, though:
We had to unzip it a bit to keep him cool. You can't see it in the picture, but the costume has a cute little stinger on the sweet. It was a long day for Jacob but he did pretty well. Now we're home and he's in bed...and I'm not far behind! Happy Halloween!

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