Monday, September 29, 2008

Did I miss something?

In the last 18 hours or so I feel like I've entered a bit of a bizarro world. Nothing serious, but still...just when I felt like I understood Jacob, he went a little wacky yesterday. First, he would not nap for the longest time. When he gets overtired it's pretty obvious and you know he just needs to sleep before he totally loses it. Five minutes during church, nothing while we were out and about for a bit...and then he got cranky. Despite getting fed and both of us trying to cuddle him, we had no luck for the longest time. Finally at some point during the Bills game he conked out for a couple hours, which was good. Then last night he would not go to sleep. Every time we'd put him down, he'd freak out, which is totally unlike him. He usually goes to bed completely happy, but it took an hour to get him to go to bed. I even fed him once, about an hour and a half after his last feeding, because he seemed hungry...or at least sucking on my neck/shoulder and practically climbing me seemed to indicate hunger. But even that didn't work. Craig sat with him for a long time, unsuccessfully tried to put him down a couple times, and finally got him to sleep a little before midnight. Despite falling asleep so late, Jacob woke up at 5am this morning. Other than the weekend we were out of town for the wedding, that was the first time in four weeks that he's woken up and cried before 6ish. He's had coughing fits wake him up earlier, but he never really cried to be picked up or fed during those. This morning I fed him and he went back to bed (with a little fussing, again) for a few hours. Day care says he's been fine today. He didn't eat much this morning with his first bottle but has been fine since. Hmmmm.

His fussing in his crib was extra crazy because he's getting more mobile. I read something about swaddling being less recommended as babies start hitting the 3-4 month time period because it can hinder motor development. There's also some concern once babies can flip themselves over that being on their belly without use of their hands isn't ideal. He hasn't turned over yet, but you never know when he'll figure it out. Jacob had been getting his arms out of the swaddle most of the time anyway, so I started just swaddling from the waist down to give him more mobility but still give him some feeling of warmth and coziness. I think it's still not cold enough in the house for the sleep sacks...but soon. Anyway...when he was fussing and crying at any point between last night and this morning, he'd get this close to flipping himself over and would eventually push himself up so his head was against the head of his crib. Overnight he worked himself into the top corner. Luckily we have breathable bumpers just in case, but it's still scary. Not to mention that the kicker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a three month old son that died in his crib last Wednesday. Reading that at 11pm last night when Jacob was screaming didn't do much for my mental state, that's for sure. It hit a little too close to home, and Jacob's out-of-character behavior made me worry there was something else wrong.

Originally I was thinking it was a growth spurt or something...making him hungrier, giving him growing pains, etc. However, my pumping hasn't been quite up to par today, so I'm wondering if he's not getting enough to eat and that's what was causing his issues. I have no idea why my supply would be down. We had a pretty consistent weekend (very few long stretches without nursing), and I'm not feeling sick or on any medication. It's so weird. But seriously, just when you think you've got it down (for now), something else pops up that makes you feel so clueless about parenthood. Let's hope tonight is better.

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Corrina said...

I wish I could tell you that there will be a time that you have it all figured out but so far I don't see that as a possibility. I too thought we had this sleeping thing down. It's been consistant for probably a year. Night time still isn't a problem thank God... but three of the last four days my little monkey has decided that he doesn't need a nap. Not good for me...