Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Treat

Jacob went to his first hockey game tonight. We actually didn't watch much of the game (actually, pretty much none) because we were walking around and I was afraid of the airhorn and all of the noise. I can't decide if I should buy headphones or if a winter hat with earflaps will drown it out enough. Anyway, Jacob did pretty well but it got late and he started to melt down as I figured he would. The night seemed to go well, though, even though the Amerks lost. I really don't miss that job at all. The amount of stress I would have been feeling today would have been horrible, and if I was still there we wouldn't have the time or money for a yeah, it's all worked out rather well.

Jacob is officially sleeping better. He goes down without as much fuss, has an easier time soothing himself, and has been sleeping better again. Whew. Of course, being up late tonight could have totally messed him up, but we'll see. He's taken to sleeping on his side a lot. Thank goodness for breathable bumpers, because this morning when I went in to get him, he had turned himself on his side and had his face buried between the mattress and the bumpers. It scares me when he turns himself like that. Tonight when I put him down he kept turning his head down into the mattress, like he was trying to eat. I decided to feed him a bit before putting him back down because I didn't want him suffocating himself! I don't know how I'll sleep at night when he figures out how to turn over.

It should be a nice weekend at home, with beautiful weather and just enough stuff to keep us busy. Every weekend is just such a blessing now because I get to spend time with him. Sleeping in and having time for other things is nice, but at 3pm today all I could think about was getting out and going to pick him up. He's so awesome.

And to prove it, here's a little video showing him in cute! Have a great weekend!

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