Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rough night

For the first time ever, Jacob kept us up half the night. We're not sure what happened. Obviously we were in a different setting (he was in his pack-n-play at Craig's parents' house) and it's been a while since he's slept away from home, but this was unprecedented. He had been fussing a bit during his last feeding, but that wasn't surprising since Jacob's four cousins were chasing each other all over the house. Day care noise must be one thing...four active kids must be another! We went upstairs to finish up and get him ready for bed, and he went to bed happy with no issues. He made some noise over the monitor, but no crying. After an hour or so I could tell he still wasn't asleep, and he started fussing a bit more. I went up to check on him, he calmed down, and I laid down for a bit just in case. Craig came up around 11:00 or 11:30, and pretty much from that time on, until about 2 or 3, we couldn't put Jacob down without him freaking out. He slept on Craig a couple times (good for Jacob, good for Craig, but scary for me), but besides that, he just wouldn't sleep. And he just never seemed to get tired. Even after crying for a while, when Craig and I were sitting there trying to figure out what to try next, he didn't slow down. I think finally around 2 or 3 he chilled out and fell asleep, but it was still not the most settled night after that. We didn't officially get out of bed until about 11. He did ok after that, until he started to get sleepy again while we were out watching the Bills game at the VFW Post (he's not used to Buffalo sports fans yet...not a fan of sudden noises!), and now he's taking a bit of a nap in his car seat while we relax a bit. Let's hope this was just a blip on the radar and not the beginning of a trend. Still, he needs to know how to sleep in his pack-n-play, so this could be a little scary...

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