Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big News!

Jacob may have reached two milestones today, though the one is probably up for debate! Of course, I was the only one here to witness them, so I don't have anyone to compare notes with! Anyway, earlier today I swear Jacob got in his first real laugh. For quite a while he's made some noises that sounded like laughing, but you could really tell that they were just normal baby noises that bore a resemblance to laughing. When you hear a real baby laugh, it's pretty unmistakable. I actually have another blog to thank for posted a video of a laughing baby, and there was definitely a difference. I know all babies are different, but it confirmed that a real laugh just has a different sound to it. Anyway, I've been trying to tickle Jacob to get one out of him since I know he's in the age range to be able to do it, and I swear I got one today...a deep-from-the-gut giggle! I haven't been able to replicate it, but it was cute. He was really cute a lot today, actually. He had his fussy moments in between, but seriously...sometimes he'd make the cutest faces at the funniest times. When I was feeding him tonight, he took a little break, and when I looked down at him, he was just looking up smiling at me! It was so funny. There were just little moments like that all day, where out of the blue he'd just start smiling and making happy noises. There's nothing better than having your baby look at you like you're the best or most entertaining person in the world :)

As I mentioned, he did have his grumpy moments today. He got hungry during church and wouldn't stop screaming (we were in the crying room by then, thank goodness!) until I got him a bottle...and even after that he wasn't particularly happy. I ended up putting him in the swing for a while this afternoon and he took a two hour nap in there. Normally I would never leave him in there that long, but he desperately needed the nap, and so did I. We had a busy, nap-less morning since we went to the doctor--followup on the bronchiolitis--the cough is still there (horrible overnight) but apparently it will just take time to get better. He's got a well visit coming up in less than two weeks, so I imagine we'll look deeper then if it still isn't gone. Anyway, I expected he'd wake up happy, and he was for a bit, but then he started to get crankier again while we were out running a couple errands. However, when I went to get him out of the back seat he gave me a big grin. Maybe he's in a needy phase and just needed to see me. He was back to his happy self tonight, thankfully.

So anyway, at one point I put him down on his belly because he's been getting close to turning over and I wanted to keep him practicing. He struggled for a good five minutes or so, getting ever so close but not quite getting his leg to push right when he was at the peak. He did manage to scoot himself up the blanket a few inches when he'd get up on his knees and push off. He was starting to get frustrated but I told him to give it one more shot...and sure enough, a minute later, over he went! He was still too busy whining from being stuck on his belly to really process what he'd just done, but I picked him up right away to celebrate! So, his first big mobility milestone....Jacob turned over from his belly to his back! Back to belly can't be far behind based on everything we've seen, but once he masters that one, things start to get scary! I like being able to leave him unattended on his back for a few seconds here and there, playing in his baby gym or laying in the middle of our bed. It'll still be a while before he gets too far, but it'll happen before we know it.

Hard to believe the weekend's over long weekend for me, unfortunately. Craig may have a short day tomorrow, but that doesn't nearly make up for working late on Friday and all day today. Hockey season has begun, and now more than ever I am relieved to not be working there anymore. I have something way better to fill those extra 10-20 hours each week! :)

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