Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun weekend

Other than continued sleeping difficulties (which actually weren't too bad other than a 2:30am feeding this morning...ugh), we had a nice weekend. Jacob was very well-behaved on Saturday when we hung out with Lori (my cousin, his godmother). We went to lunch, did some shopping, and came back to her place to hang out. He only had a couple fussy moments, and otherwise was super happy and smiley. He also went to bed pretty easily that night, which was nice. He woke up at 5:30, but on weekends I don't mind because I know I can get up anytime around there, feed him, and still get a few more hours of sleep after. During our shopping I picked up a carrier cover to keep him warm when the weather gets cold, so that was good. He also got a couple cute articles of clothing and a $1 purple monster hooded blanket at Target...figure it'll be good for quick trips on cool evenings until I find him a winter hat or a hooded jacket or pram (aka snowsuit-ish type thing).

Yesterday we took Jacob's first trip to the arena for a hockey event. He got to see a lot of Craig's co-workers (some for the first time, some for the first time since he was about six weeks). He was strapped to my chest and was pretty sleepy by the time we got out to see the ice, but he'll get his first real dose of hockey on Friday. Later yesterday my parents came up to spend a couple days here. We had a good time (except for that darn Bills game) and today they are watching Jacob all day. So far so good apparently. He was a little fussy this morning but not too bad--which may have been due to the large poop he took shortly thereafter. He's now sleeping in his stroller after a long walk. He's eating well and I'm sure he will wake up hungry but happy this afternoon. My mom is cooking dinner (yes!) and I'm looking forward to going home for a nice evening. I just wish I wasn't so scared of nights now. So odd that he's regressed in the sleeping department. Still seems to be a growth spurt thing from everything I've read, so I'm hoping it fixes itself soon. He's still got a bit of a cough/congestion thing from the bronchiolitis, so if he's not all better by a little later this week, it'll be back off to the doctor even though we've got his four month well visit in a couple more weeks. Poor baby....and darn co-pays.

I'm hoping to get some new pictures on here soon. I was trying for some video and may have to try again later, but I know I at least have a cute pic or two I can post when I have a chance. He's such a cutie...adorable with his dimpled smile, and just super sweet even when he's not smiling. Such a good boy.

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