Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Picture Day

As promised, finally some pictures...

This was taken at my Geneseo reunion a couple weekends ago. Jacob was obviously enthralled by the goings-on. Although, this response is better than the one he had when I tried to take his picture overlooking the Genesee Valley...it's a great picture of the valley with Jacob screaming in the foreground. In any event, he got rave reviews even when sleeping. I love the open mouth sleeping face :)

This one is from this past weekend. I usually go for the smiley shots because they're too stinkin' cute, but he does have a sweet little face even when he's not smiling. As you can see, he's getting ever closer to mastering holding his head up. He's still not particularly excited about tummy time, though he will tolerate it for a bit. One of these days he'll roll over, and then there will be no stopping him.

I took a picture like this a couple months back and decided it was time to take another. Jacob was happy, and it had been a while since I got a good, smiley picture of him. It's tough to really compare the pictures, but it's funny because we thought at that time that Jacob was starting to chub up a bit, and now he looks quite a bit bigger than he did then...and I still don't think he's that chubby. He's definitely grown, though. And check out the dimple!!

People have been telling me to take a lot of pictures of him, because kids grow up so fast. I totally get that, and thank goodness for digital cameras...much easier to take a bunch and edit your photos without spending all the time and money on film and developing. I do still print mine, but I pick and choose. I like my photo albums a lot and thought it would be sad if they just cut off. Anyway...I take a lot of pictures but only like a handful of them. Part of me wonders if I'm being too picky...I mean, Jacob's adorable and as his mother I should love and cherish every photo. However, I want to show off his best looks. I don't mean to censor the not-so-great shots, but I tend to gravitate to the ones that seem to capture his essence the best. Sometimes it seems it doesn't transfer to photos very well, or that it's tough to get those key smiley moments. I just feel bad when I put him through repeated photo ops just so I can get a shot or two that I really like. And then at the same time I'm a slacker with video. Video will someday remind us of all this stuff we'll forget--his cry, his noises, his little movements--but yet it's hard to know what to capture, particularly right now when he doesn't do much except smile and bat at things. Like the mediocre pictures, I know that every moment is special, but I guess my challenge is figuring out what's special enough that I'm going to want to look at it repeatedly as the years go by. Hmmmm.
But anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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